1. BeeDaWolfie

    New Game Plus "Like" Save File {Requires All DLC}

    Wasn't sure how to share this as its not in the realm of traditional mod. Just a save file right before Take Me To Church meant to make replaying saints row less of a grind and also to help bypass some common bugs like certain weapons ability not being unlockable after save reload by me grinding...
  2. A

    Flashpoint doesn't work || Can't remove SRTT HQ building [SRIV]

    Sup Guys, wish you nice to all: There is problem with game. I’ll explain briefly, once I downloaded some mods, which ultimately led to the fact that I have buildings (Crib, HQ) from SRTT in the game, and I can’t remove them. And also, I lost the opportunity to clear the flashpoint near this...
  3. tjb910

    Save Editor / New Game + functionality for SR 2022?

    Hi All. I remember in the old SRTT game someone had made a save editor. It included a new game + button. Basically it did for SRTT what comes with games like Mass Effect out of the box - you can restart the storyline and all the relevant missions, but keep your character, its traits, purchases...
  4. HKSvsGreddy

    For save games that uses mods which require a new save game, is it possible to add new mods without breaking the save?

    I want to add new mods like SRTT style third-person camera, textures packs, etc. However, the save game I want to add it to has ImpulseOfSword2007's SR2 Complete Combat Overhaul mod installed, which requires a new save game after install to prevent mod-related bugs. If I generate a new patch...
  5. ColbyDash

    Ultimate 100% Save

    I've been meaning to create a save like this for a while but hey look ma, I did it! Now you won't have to worry about if all upgrades have already been bought or if a shit ton of clothes have already been bought as well. Anyways here's the description of my save: Unlike any other 100% completed...
  6. Trust And Bust

    Need a save file

    Sorry if this is a little specific but: A few days ago I had to reinstall Windows because I swapped my secondary HDD(Windows fucking installed boot files on there - not so good when the drive is dying). Anyway I deleted my SR2 save with it, as it was installed on the SSD for obvious reasons. I...
  7. Quantum

    Save file directories and names for SR3, SR4, and SRGOOH

    For those who want to know where games are saved, here are the locations and names for the save files in SR3, SR4, and SRGOOH: Save File Directories SR3: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<user_id>\55230\remote SR4: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<user_id>\206420\remote...
  8. Reetonzzz

    No settings.dat file made

    So I am trying to change the settings but everytime I try the game will CTD, even trying to save will crash and so I go looking for a way to fix this and it apears the Saints Row 2 folder is not being created in my C:\Users\Caleb\AppData\Local\THQ I was hoping someone could send me their folder...
  9. JaseyJasee

    Game Save Crash to Desktop

    I recently deleted some of my Saints Row 2 save game data's as I had too many and didn't use half of them. However, now when I try to load any of my remaining save data's they just crash to desktop straightaway! Why does this keep happening? Can I fix it or have I lost all my data? Thanks to...