saint row the third

  1. J

    Character Customization is there a way to play as killbane

    is there a mod to play as kilbane
  2. Aquanort

    SR2 Gang Customization Mod

  3. Isaiah Threatt

    SOLVED Modifying Sandbox+, Scripts Questions

    So My end goal is basically do what is done in this video, It's been a nice little diversion for me but I've hit a wall. Where can i find the scripts for Saints Row The Third (particularly the Three Way Mission) and how do I input them into Sandbox+ with their own Key binds? As you can see...
  4. Singa

    Mascot Zombies

    Mascots, they're coarse, rough and irritating.... and they get everywhere. This mod replaces the zombies with animal mascots. They still use zombie animations and behave like them, it just changes how they look. This mod has been confirmed to work in the remaster, huge thanks to Rainzeros for...
  5. Singa

    New Phone Designs For Saints Row: The Third

    Follow up to my phone design mod for SR2. This mod adds multiple new designs for your phone in SRTT. Installation: The mod comes in two variants, a standalone one and a version that's compatible with F13's "SR:TT - Super Ethical Patch" If you don't use his mod pick the standalone version...
  6. Darkman_lord

    Saints Row: The Third How to dance as a Stripper

    comment down how