remastered edition

  1. SkatefilterX-5

    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    1 week later a lot of testing... I put all these crazy stuff into Sandbox+ linking to Missions, Triggers at the fun. It's comes with loaded of 32/35 missions on start but one you complete it one of them, you won't able to do it again but reload your saves. Even you beat the game, all missions...

    3-in-1 SR1,2&3 Remake

    I already know this will never happen. Please don't refer me to SDKs not being available or not having the engine, software or files from the original Saint Row game. This is something I've been working on since my first playthrough of Saints Row 2, so I feel I need to put it out there. As a...
  3. Fan of Saints

    IdolNinja's Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer (Fan of Saints' Edition)

    --> DESCRIPTION <-- This bundle contains three IdolNinja's classics - Delete Reward Vehicles, Lowered Cruise Control HUD and Wardrobe Color Change Mod - updated to work properly with the latest version of the game. --> HOW TO INSTALL? <-- Copy all files (except 'Readme.txt') from the archive...