1. Gector Nathan (Matt Fan)

    Re-Elected Black Screen instead of a game

    So i tried to give Re-Elected a chance, but every time i tried to start New Game or load one of my save files, it never loads and pretty much never starts, its always black screen without even logo, because the program, in fact, as I understand it, freezes at this moment, i tried to low...
  2. RedAISkye

    Anyone that can upload original build(not legacy) before re-elected update?

    My game auto-updated and I saw many people complaining about game not launching or their saves being ruined aside from EGS being forced with performance issues and they're not fixed by selecting the legacy build in the beta settings. So, anyone who didn't update the game that can upload the...
  3. F

    SR4 Re-Elected: The Pentagon Patch V1.1

    SAINTS ROW IV RE-ELECTED: THE PENTAGON PATCH DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Similar to my Super Ethical Patch for SR3, this is a compilation of several Saints Row IV mods and tweaks ported and remade for the Re-Elected patch, as well as some new mods. The mod includes several changes, fixes, quality...
  4. Admixon

    Saints Row IV Re-Elected on PC

    So a couple days a go there been rumors SR4 will get a remaster. Don't have any sources, I just saw many people talk about it on Saintscord and Twitter. Recently someone on Reddit found the game is getting an update on Steam Source: The icon was changed and the original name (in the...