1. Singa

    Functioning Fire Truck

    Were you also disappointed when getting into a Blaze for the first time in SRTT, only to realize that you couldn't use its waterspray, despite having an icon for it in the hud? This mod re-enables the firetruck's watercannon that was removed from SRTT. It works similarly to SR2's, letting you...
  2. P

    Remove knockback effect from bullets on npc

    Hi, After finished SR2 on PC, I started a new game on SR3 and remember one thing I didn't like about it, the fact that when you shoot someone, he backpedal like in some bollywood movie (understand: walking backward) while doing weird move. I search through this site but can't find an answer...
  3. -=(GAME)snr7=-

    New Ragdoll physics?

    Is there anything?