Remove knockback effect from bullets on npc

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  1. Hi,

    After finished SR2 on PC, I started a new game on SR3 and remember one thing I didn't like about it, the fact that when you shoot someone, he backpedal like in some bollywood movie (understand: walking backward) while doing weird move.

    I search through this site but can't find an answer and I don't know where to look.

    My concern is : It is possible to remove/reduce this effect ? Is there a mod I am missing ? Or a way to tweak it myself without bothering everyone ?

    Thank you for your time and for all the mods out there, making me replay this series !
  2. The file you would want to modify is: spawn_info_ranks.xtbl
    For every "<Rank></Rank>" add "<Pct_Dmg_to_Flinch>1.00</Pct_Dmg_to_Flinch>" if it is not present already.
    Minimal value is 0, max value is 1. So if you want a particular rank to flinch only when taken 30% of health damage. Make the value 0.30.
    The file below will give the npcs nerves of steel.

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