1. -SeaboundSaint-

    NPC Editing - A Comprehensive Guide

    Current Version: 1.0.0 With this series of .txt files, you will learn all about Saints Row 2's NPC related files. You will learn how to change the colours of the items an NPC wears, change their gameplay voice, filter in-game appearance by gender/race/character type, force specific outfit...
  2. M

    Missions' rewards & unlockables

    hello everyone, does anyone know where (in what file/group of files) game stores the data for missions' rewards & unlockables? for example, for a completing m03 mission ("We're Going to Need Guns") player receives the following rewards: 4,000 cash, 1,000 respect, Shaundi's crib, drone weapon...
  3. Blarzek

    Merge two .xtbl files

    Could you help me to merge two customization_items.xtbl files please? I have seen many post of people saying it is easy to do, but I don't know and need help with a noob-proof tutorial. Thank you so much in advance.