Missions' rewards & unlockables

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by meow41, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. hello everyone,

    does anyone know where (in what file/group of files) game stores the data for missions' rewards & unlockables?

    for example, for a completing m03 mission ("We're Going to Need Guns") player receives the following rewards: 4,000 cash, 1,000 respect, Shaundi's crib, drone weapon, saintsbook & upgrades, homie slot 1

    - where exactly I can modify those rewards?
    • I did check "unlockables.xtbl" - but it stores frontend information only, with no indication where exactly those unlocks should happen;
    • "respect_levels.xtbl" has unlocks only related to the player's respect level;
    • lua files inside "m01.str2_pc - m24.str2_pc" and "m01_modal.str2_pc - m24_modal.str2_pc" have no needed information too, but some of them have "mission_set_excluded_reward('nlockables.name')" function;
    • I have searched through the all xtbl and lua files with queries like "reward", "unlock" or "unlockable" - nothing useful have been found;
    • some activities-related lua scripts & xtbl tables indeed have needed information, but can't find the same for the missions;
    for that moment my only idea is that game stores the rewards not in "per-mission" basis, but has the data pool related to map's regions - and certain unlocks are buffed in memory based on which district has the trigger/start point of mission (alternatively - the pool is triggered by the HUD interactivity, since the player must select the mission via his phone) - and that pool is hardcoded, but hope I am wrong

    can anyone help me with that information? thank you very much
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