custom character

  1. SaltedButterToast

    Character Customization Request for a Albino Zin Skin

    I have a pretty weird request, but I have a character I really like to write stories as and it was a female Albino Zin. I feel like it'd be a big ask because it'd be a full body recolor of a white pale hue, no Zin tattoo markings, and teal blue hue of eyes. The sling would be recolored either a...
  2. E

    Goro Majima

    needs an eyepatch
  3. D

    Character Customization hard rock hairstyle without glasses

    could someone make a mod that removes the glasses on the top of the head from the hard rock hairstyle ? it's really annoying you can't wear glasses without looking completely ridiculous x)
  4. C

    Character Customization Request: both sex appeal?

    Now that the Cyberpunk 2077 ruined all the hopes of everyone, could anyone make a mod that can give the player character a both-sex-appeal? I kinda want to play as a hermaphroditos character. I'm not even expecting I would get to customize the male and female sex appeal sliders respectively. If...
  5. D

    Always Neutral Skin

    Always smooth skin =================================================== What does this do? It's simple. It replaces the Skinny, Fat and Muscular.tga files with the Ideal.tga. This means your skin will remain the same when you change the weight of your character. Why did I do this? Basically I...
  6. NarrowWatch

    Léon The Specialist

    *You need the DLC for the glasses*
  7. Singa

    GooH | Better Defined Muscles

    This mod enables the muscle map on your character even if the muscle slider is at zero, this way you can have regular sized limbs and abs at the same time. To play as a custom character in Gat out of Hell, you will need Zopiahh's V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell...
  8. Singa

    SR:GooH | Share Your Characters

    Since one of these exists for the other games but only in the adult corner for GooH, I figured I'd make a SFW one here. So go ahead and post pictures of your Boss or other custom character roaming the streets of New Hades! I'll start with my character Velvet who originally came from New Hades...