1. M

    CBBE & XP32 + better animations?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the overall body structure? Similar to Skyrim's popular CBBE mods? The body customization is so bad for the female end of the body slider. Butt is ugly, breasts look like man pecs grown through SARMS.. I think the nipples are 2D.. If we could get...
  2. D

    Always Neutral Skin

    Always smooth skin =================================================== What does this do? It's simple. It replaces the Skinny, Fat and Muscular.tga files with the Ideal.tga. This means your skin will remain the same when you change the weight of your character. Why did I do this? Basically I...
  3. Z

    Clothes don't fit with body shape

    Don't know if anyone ever have this issue Clothes won't fit to body mesh (in this case, bigger size than it should be) the problem is, They fit IF I load the game without viewing clothes or going to spaceship Once I view clothes (whether it's just browsing or changing), the clothes become...
  4. MegaFreeman

    Male Retextured - Body Hair

    This mod re-textures the default body for the male Boss so it contains body hair on it. Mod comes with three different variants of the body hair for you to choose from: CHEST, CHEST & TRAIL, FULL TORSO/FRONT, FUZZ AND FULL BODY FUZZ. Steam Workshop Links CHEST CHEST + TRAIL FULL TORSO FUZZ...
  5. N

    New Body/Face Sliders (for when/if this becomes possible)