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    Activities & Missions request replay mission mod That is the mission replay mod for the remaster.
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    Loose Lua Packfile Patch

    No one has figured out anything with dlc4 items as of yet. They seem to be edited from a different file
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    Loose Lua Packfile Patch

    I suspect it's something else. The lines your editing... Do they happen to be "dlc4" items in customization_items.xtbl?
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    SPOILERS Your Pros+Cons about the remaster?

    this is not true. lots of mods are compatible. a lot can also be ported.
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    Loose Lua Packfile Patch

    Test something for me. In your custom xtbl delete a few whole lines. try and boot the game. If it crashes you don't need a patch. If it doesn't I'll send you a personal patch to see if it can be fixed with a patch
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    Marilyn Curls For SRTT

    This is a replacement mod. It replaces "The Sci-Fi" hairstyle. This hairstyle was by far my favorite from SRIV and i just couldnt go back to SRTT without it. This dosen't work in the remaster. do not bother trying. Anyways to install just drag these files into the SRTT install directroy...
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    Rain's Mini-Mods: Jimmy's Car Sucks!

    This is a part of a series of mods I will be doing called Rain's Mini-Mods. All of my mods are built for SRTTR. However all of my Mini-Mods should work on both SRTT and SRTTR. This mini-mod makes it very hard to destroy Jimmy's car in the mission "Weird Science" I will be shocked if someone...
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    SRTTR sandbox+

    There is
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    SR:TT Remaster | More destructible objects

    lol i meant to report that yesterday. thanks for fixing it :)
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    Super Unethical Camper Upgrade

    Works on the remaster!
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    [Classic/Remastered] Mission Replay Mini v0.4

    nah it was the sr3_city.lua I had. Confirmed working in remaster
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    [Classic/Remastered] Mission Replay Mini v0.4

    I got the pop up for changing missons but pushing x or c does nothing. could be the sr3_city.lua i used. will try with yours in a sec
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    Bloodsucker Pack Port (Guide)

    I included a gif showing the animation.
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    Bloodsucker Pack Port (Guide)

    Not a problem
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    Bloodsucker Pack Port (Guide)

    just tried. didnt do anything. am i missing something?