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    [WIP] menthe sr-tools

    That's unfortunate. I try to avoid Chrome whenever possible. :(
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    NPCs don't rip you out of your vehicle & driving a car that explodes doesn't kill you instantly

    The same issue exists in the original SR3 (not remastered) for PC. Surprisingly, this issue does NOT exist in the Xbox 360 version of the game. In the console version, if your character is fully upgraded, your character will not die if the vehicle they are driving explodes. I just tried it...
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    Saints Row 1 & 2 Remaster

    I agree completely. I wouldn't want a shoddy remaster. It's not that I don't like the GTA games. Their sandboxes are awesome, and I've spent many hours in the GTA open worlds (I actually love riding the subways in GTA 4). They are very technically complete with lots of things to do. But...
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    Saints Row 1 & 2 Remaster

    Yes, it's disappointing that SR2 hasn't gotten the love it so rightly deserves. I tend to enjoy open world environments with lots to do, and SR2 delivered the biggest and most varied open world environment of all the Saints Row games (much bigger than SR3 and SR4). I can spend hours just...
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    Working Elevators mod - Back To Syndicate Tower

    If you are familiar with Lua and programming, yes, it should be quite easy using the existing infrastructure. You just need to add the new elevators to the table. You can already open the Safeword front doors using the Sonic Boom gun. That works in the base game without any mods. However...
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    Saints Row 1 & 2 Remaster

    It's not such a crazy idea, but I don't know if a petition would make any difference. So many of us have been wanting a SR1 or SR2 remaster for so long (or even a PC version of SR1). Honestly, I was surprised when they did an SR3 remaster. I didn't think it really needed one. I haven't...
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    Rainy Weather

    Thank you! That wasn't necessary. I already have a mod that makes it rain always:
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    SRTT Remaster | More Crushing Vehicles

    That tool is awesome! Lucas should post his viewer in Tool Releases even though it's not finished, because it's very useful!
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    Roadblocks and roadside events broken

    What do you mean "they can't drive"? You mean, all cars can't move when it's raining, or they drive badly? Either way, I'd be shocked if they didn't catch something that obvious during testing.
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    Roadblocks and roadside events broken

    Has anyone noticed if traffic is flowing more smoothly in the Remastered version? Is traffic still turning around at certain places when there's nothing blocking the road?
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    Roadblocks and roadside events broken

    In the original game, roadblocks had issues with spawning that caused traffic to inexplicably turn around on roads where there was nothing blocking traffic. Maybe they "fixed" that issue by removing roadblocks altogether. Has anyone been seeing the issue where traffic turns around for no reason?
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    Mod Compatibility With The Remaster

    I've been adding the tag "works with sr3 remastered" to older mods that work with the remastered edition too. This way we can display them with the following link: Please do not add this tag unless the mod has been verified to...
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    Working Elevators mod - Back To Syndicate Tower

    That's great! Since riding the train works, I think all the elevators listed in the mod description should work too. The only issue will be that you can't open the garage door in Syndicate Tower with the Remastered edition. You should be able to land a helicopter on the roof and take the...
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    Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third - Remastered Announced

    They use SCREEN SPACE REFLECTIONS!?!? :eek: That's a major downgrade from the original lighting model! I just said on Tuesday how much I liked the original because they used planar reflections instead of screen space reflections...
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    Weather Mod: Non-Stop Rain

    I wouldn't recommend using this mod in missions. You should remove it if you're going to play the campaign. Honestly, I would avoid using most mods in missions. You can use my Simple Mod Manager to add and remove mods easily, although I haven't tried it with the Remastered edition.