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    My modding diary

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    My modding diary

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    Improved camera (GTA style)

    and I would really like a camera close to the character
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    Improved camera (GTA style)

    this mod does not work correctly with saints 4, the camera goes crazy when running and jumping. I would be grateful if you could help optimize this mod for saints 4
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    Improved camera (GTA style)

    Hello, can you make this mod for saints row 4 PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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    (solved) disable Dash Shield blue effect

    I don't remember turning off the shield. I will throw off the file in which I turned off all superpowers effects
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    Bigger better butt

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    Super Shaundi

    it would be cool if the harley quinn costume fit more correctly on large characters !!! is that possible? This costume looks strange on large characters.
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    Super Shaundi

    wow ..nice !!! can you remaster the harley quinn costume? please or make it possible to customize the color of the harley quinn suit.
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    Animations How to disable the animated camera during melee finishing moves?

    How to disable the animated camera during melee finishing moves?
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    My various questions

    if you need money not to fall out, throw me your file, I'll try to do something