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    Game shout down after first cut scene

    I had this if you have sr4 installed move your saves and turn cloud saving for sr4 off.
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    Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

    I love stylilized games hell I'm working on one myself.
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    Sandbox+ for SRTT

    H E R E C O M E S T H E B A N H A M M M E R.
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    I told him that it is not possible.
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    He wants to port the gooh super powers to sr4.
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    Any old-school gamers?

    Hey,that is my opinion too!
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    Any old-school gamers?

    My favorite retro games are Doom/DoomII
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    Changed Effects by Admixon & rastaman289

    No a lot of that is fx based not textures :/
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    I wonder at times...

    its reaalllly reeeeaaaaallly bad car physics.
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    I wonder at times...

    as a unreal game dev i agree one fucking hundred precent.
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    Saints Row 4 More Paint Colors Mod

    go ahead ill put your name in the credits.
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    Mr. Toots to replace TF2 Rainblower

    it could but it would not be sitting on your sholder unless animations are changed to rpg animation files.
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    Saints Row IV Where are the textures for hotspots??

    Where the textures for the blue and red pixel takeover effects at?