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    • Bruhloon
      Bruhloon replied to the thread Pimpcane Texture Fix?.
      That's a whole other thing that emulator has to render, I dont know too much about graphical stuff, But it is a emulator thing
    • Bruhloon
      Bruhloon replied to the thread Eyebrow Fix.
      Your most likely on Xenia using vulkan which is really buggy, So I suggest staying on D3D12.
    • Bruhloon
      Bruhloon replied to the thread My Mod Suggestions.
      lol I made this vid a while ago but this was just a test seeing if the helicopter did has controls, and basically it did. but they have...
    • Bruhloon
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    • Bruhloon
      Bruhloon reacted to CabooseSayzWTF's post in the thread Kabob weapons with Like Like.
      I love that people actually re-created and got the unused kabob weapon all based off a april fools joke mod I did for godzilla. Love to...
    • Bruhloon
      Bruhloon posted the thread Kabob weapons in Weapons.
      made this mod last year You can buy this unused kabob weapon in friendly fire and I think it flings people but I haven’t used it in a while
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