Zombieish Crowd Control Mod

Discussion in 'Activities & Missions' started by CabooseSayzWTF, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. I can't take pics atm but anyways the files are originally from the easycruisermod just for the tolerance and timer edits, also npcs mostly use crowbars now instead of bats and sledgehammers. They also still use there normal guns that are scripted besides melee.

    Anywayas besides those small edits, most of the npcs in this diversion have been replaced with zombies. this is my first release for Saints Row 2 for pc. I however have released saints 2 mods for other platforms, but I won't get into that as it has something to do with the rules I think. I just thought this small edit would interest somebody.

    This mod will not be updated or improved, it was just a simple npc swap,weapon swap, and few small edits that anybody could have done, crazy though that this gamemode supported actual zombie npcs. If you wish to improve it or modify it in anyway, go right ahead, but be sure to give credit where due!

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