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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CasMusThai, Aug 5, 2018.


I want to know about what ending you chose first in saints row The third

  1. Save Shaundi and let Killbane escape

  2. Kill Killbane and let Shaundi die

  3. Quit the game

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  1. CasMusThai

    CasMusThai Pirate

    Select the option truthfully in the poll
  2. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    Number 1 since it was the obvious choice.
  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Option 1 is the canonical one, so I guess I picked the right one. :)
  4. I chose option number 1. Although to get 100% I also made a second choice. Both final missions are great. :)
  5. The way I play Saints Row is typically a greedy type of style. I like to add and maintain resources and assists like: keeping the Syndicate tower standing for profit, keeping the hos for profit, taking Josh Birk as an extra gun...for profit, etc. So naturally I choose to save Shaundi instead of sticking a rocket up an already broken man (Kill Bane). Like Dane says: "There's no profit in revenge."

    Then again, Stag was doing me a favor of threatening to blow up three characters I didn't care about, I should had been like: "Please take Pierce, Angel, and Zimos too, thanks." Their writing just don't feel like real people to me or they're not that interesting.
  6. CasMusThai

    CasMusThai Pirate

    I am like the opposite version like doing revenge and favor of others like : Destroying the syndicate tower because Shaundi wanted it to. Keeping the hos and letting Josh to Cyrus because who cares about him and save Shaundi

    The best part was the music playing I need a hero, It feels like Shaundi is singing I need a hero and making the protagonist as the hero she need because you can't let our girl Shaundi dead
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