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    UPDATED 2016-03-01: VERSION 1.1

    See also: Working Elevators mod - Back To Syndicate Tower (for SR3)

    This mod makes all of those non-functioning elevators actually work during free roaming mode in Saints Row IV. The mod was ported from the Saints Row: The Third version of this same mod, which has a LOT more elevators. Elevators that now work include the following:
    • Elevator in Technically Legal
    • Elevator to 3 Count Saints Crib (requires "Enter The Dominatrix" DLC) - NEW!
    Sadly, since almost all of the buildings with elevators were destroyed in Saints Row IV, there's only one left. :(

    This package contains two versions of the mod -- both work exactly the same:
    1. Stand Alone Version - works without any other mods installed.
    2. Sandbox+ Version - works with IdolNinja's Sandbox+ for SR4, version 1.0.
    In the descriptions below, the "USE" button is the "E" key on the keyboard, or the "Y" button if you are using an XBox 360 controller.

    1. Enter an elevator
    2. Press the USE button

    If you have the "Enter The Dominatrix" DLC, you can now take an elevator to the secret Saints Crib at the top of 3 Count Casino. Simply enter 3 Count Casino, walk to the bank of elevators on the second floor, and press the USE button. This will bring you up to the Saints Crib in the penthouse.

    If you're using Sandbox+, you can press G + PAGE DOWN to be teleported to the street in front of the 3 Count Saints Stronghold. The Saints Stronghold building cannot be entered through the front doors, but you can still use the elevator by walking up to the front doors and pressing the USE button.

    Note: the Saints Crib does not provide any Gateway functionality.

    1. No prompt messages are displayed when you enter an elevator.
    2. You must hold the USE button for up to 1/2 second for it to work.
    3. Some elevators cannot be entered, such as the ones in the 3 Count Casino lobby. In those cases you should simply walk up to the elevator doors and press the USE button.
    4. Co-op players will not be transported by this mod.
    5. This mod is disabled during missions, so it shouldn't mess up missions that use the elevators.

    Please see the included "readme.txt" file for installation instructions.

    • 1.0 [2016-02-25] Initial release.
    • 1.1 [2016-02-29] Added elevators to the 3 Count Casino Crib for those who have the "Enter The Domantrix" DLC.
    As always, I really appreciate hearing any feedback about this mod. I hope you enjoy it. And I'd especially like to express my appreciation for IdolNinja and all the contributors to the Sandbox+ mod. Without the Sandbox+ mod, I never would have been able to figure out how to do this. And thank you to Knobby for help with Lua function calls. Thanks!

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    Coming soon...
    You've always wanted Three Count Casino to have BOTH the casino AND the Saints Crib, right? Well now you CAN!
    You can gamble all evening at the downstairs casino, have a few cocktails at the bar, and when you're too drunk to drive, just take the elevator to the conveniently located penthouse crib, and then party all night! :D

    And for those who use Sandbox+ to swap out the casino for the Saints Stronghold building, you can still take an elevator from the front steps to the penthouse crib.
    Thank you to Fan of Saints for the idea! He requested this mod for his Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Dominatrix Edition.

    Requires "Enter The Dominatrix" DLC.
    Saints Crib does not provide Gateway functionality.
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    Version 1.1 has been released.
    See my last post for a description of the changes. See post #1 for more information and to download.

    Coming soon...
    Elevator from 3 Count Saints Crib to the roof.

    UPDATE: For elevators to the roof, see Fan of Saints' Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Dominatrix Edition which incorporates this mod and adds lots of new features!
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