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Will be Agents of Mayhem compatible with Windows 7 and playable offline?

Discussion in 'Agents of Mayhem' started by Vladimir_Dimov, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. My questions about:

    1. Will be this game least compatible with Windows 7, or will requires MINIMUM Windows 8 and upwards as Windows OS?!? I'm highly PRAYING Volition do NOT discard support for Windows 7 making Agents of Mayhem compatible only with Windows 8 and newer as OS requirement... :mad::(
    2. Will be Agents of Mayhem playable offline on PC, a.k.a. Agents of Mayhem do CAN run while we have NO Internet connection for some reason? I'm highly hope Volition do NOT make the game do NOT require any hard DRM coded launcher or any sort of MANDATORY Internet connection upon every time launching game like Ubisoft's (UPlay) or RockstarGames' (SocialClub) launchers! I have retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and I can suggest someone having this game to try to play it with NO Internet, and I'm sure without SocialClub being connected GTA V will just UNABLE to start most of time, and therefore NO ability to play even the Single Player game (Story Mode) game at all! :(
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  2. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    See this topic on the Agents of Mayhem community forum.
  3. I know this, but I don't have registration there, and currently on Agents Of Mayhem site's forum there're very few users...
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  4. God, I hope so. My net connection can be....spotty on occasion and having any sort of offline capabilities would make things much better.
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  5. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    There shouldn't be any reason for it to require an Internet connection for single player. I would be shocked and appalled if it did! :eek:
  6. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I'm hoping they don't go the Denuvo route... some recent Koch affiliated titles have done so, and it's a nightmare if you want to do any modding that requires hotpatching the EXE (like a LUA debug hook, or RadioEnabler for GOOH, etc)...
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  7. the state of just cause 3 should give a reason for not using such a restrictive copy protection.