Who do you save

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Zinyak captured everyone except you. You can only save one

  1. Save Johnny Gat

  2. Save Shaundi

  3. Save Carlos

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  4. Save Matt Miller

  5. Save Asha Odekar

  6. Save Pierce Washington

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  7. Save Fun Shaundi

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  8. Save Keith David

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  9. Save Ben Mother@#$*ing King

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  10. Save Kinzie

  1. CasMusThai

    CasMusThai Pirate

    Choose the option and say why you chose it
  2. Asha Odekar, why her?
    - Johnny Gat & Kinzie can Get out of Hell
    - Pierce & Shaundi are both Tactical & Strategic
    - Matt Miller & Kinzie are both Hackers
    - Carlos would probably want revenge on Boss
    - Fun Shaundi is Shaundi so that means Shaundi is like a cat with 2 Lives
    - Keith David...went Commando
    - Ben King is like the old Boss of Saints, switch to the Row
  3. Kinzie, report to the ship as soon as possible, we'll bang okay?
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  4. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Johnny Gat because he's been loyal to the boss since SR1. He's the only character that's been there since the beginning.
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  5. Johnny 'cause he has an 8 inch cock
    Why would Carlos want revenge? The boss mercy kills him - he shoots him in the head because living as he was would be much worse.
  6. CasMusThai

    CasMusThai Pirate

    Asha played a important role on the game
  7. Wait...nevermind...if we never saw Carlos in Gat out of Hell then he must be heaven.
  8. I like most of them why ❓ do I have to pick one why not let us pick the ones we want plus Matt miller is cute
  9. LOL, Side Note: Darkchildkiki18 & Matt Miller sitting in a tree. K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
    First comes the Deckers then comes the Homies.
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  10. oh yeah anytime whenever they wants btw not just matt miler its decker lads , Johnny gat and morningstar lads maybe ? :rolleyes::D:) erm yeah maybe that happened like Lukong1515 said
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