Who do you hate the most ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CasMusThai, Aug 8, 2018.


Which chracter you hate the most

  1. Shogo Akuji

  2. Kazuo Akuji

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  3. Jyunchi

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  4. The General

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  5. Mr.Sunshine

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  6. Veteran Child

  7. Maero

  8. Matt

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  9. Donnie

  10. Dane vogel

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  1. CasMusThai

    CasMusThai Pirate

    Select truthfully and say why you chose it
  2. Shogo since he is a punk, Kazuo as he is incompetent which is ironic as the Ronin are my favorite gang.
  3. Can't believe you forgot the enemies of Saints Row 1. I have to go with Shogo, a snotty lil street punk that didn't have respect for anyone, including his own father.
    In SR1 I have to go with Tanya Winters of the Vice Kings, she had it coming!
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  4. I hate Donnie the most because of "Reunion Tour" mission.
  5. I want to say Maero because unlike Shogo (who I kind of sympathized since he came off as 'I want to make my daddy proud!') and The General, Maero was just a bully throwing his weight around and he tortured poor Carlos to death. At least Aisha had a swifter death via decapitation.
  6. Well that is not true in that Shogo did respect his own father even though his father hated him which made him a punk in my eyes.
  7. In SR2? Shaundi. An annoying stoner twat who's just there to cry for help and act smug. I have no gripes against her in SR3 and beyond, though.

    Personally I hated Maero for killing Carlos but it lead way to probably most favorite cutscene where you storm Maero's base of operation and you have this some what awesome fight where Maero has a mini gun. But eventually he runs out of ammo and your character starts acting all smug and shit because you think you got him but he freaking CHUCKS the mini gun at you and he starts beating the piss out of you but eventually you and him both fall down through the roof. Then basically round 2 starts and Maero looks like he has the upper hand by having you in a choke hold and trying to stab ya in the neck with a shard of glass. He beings to mock ya about Carlos but eventually you power out of it and starts beating the piss out of him and you try to stab him with the shard. But of course Matt (Not Miller ;) ) jumps ya but you bash Matt's skull in with a brick lol. But sadly Maero gets away in one of Donnie's cars. But overall it was an EPIC cutscene in the WHOLE game in my opinion.
  9. I loved Shaundi in Saints Row 2 she was funny, cute, endearing and amusing. I hated her in Saints Row Third as she was basically an unlikable, angry version of Johnny Gat.
  10. maero killed carlos nough' said
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