What's wrong with my textures?

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the swift redirect!

Howdy all. Just the other day I tried my hand at retexturing my favorite costume in SRTT, the decker specialist outfit; 'cause damn it, I love the techno vibe but I ain't no decker! So I made a saints version:


This is identical to the original dlc, except I made the skirt, shirt, and boot heels purple; the boots and jacket black, and put saint designs on the kneepad and shirt.

Except in-game I get this eyesore instead:


Some sort of purple color corruption takes over. I tried changing the glow color to white to see if maybe the tint in the wardrobe was doing it, but no. Even the solar panels on the back look like this, even though I didn't even touch them:


My Process was this:

1. Extracted custmesh_-300041446f.str2_pc with Gibbed tools rev 96.
2. Extracted cm_dlc_suit_dkrsp.cpeg_pc with scanti's Texture Tools v6.0.
3. Edited cf_dkrspcl_suit_dp.tga.dds on Photoshop CS6 using the Nvidia dds plugin.
4. Repacked the 3 .dds (only edited the diffuse image, left the normal map and cube map alone) using Peg Assembler 2.3 by Flow754.
5. Repacked the new .cpeg_pc and .gpeg_pc into the new custmesh_-300041446f.str2_pc with Gibbed tools rev 96.
6. Updated dlc2_customize_item.asm_pc with the new custmesh using Gibbed tools rev 96.
7. Put both updated files in the SRTT folder.

I'm pretty sure everything worked fine, so I don't get what went wrong. Now that I type it all though... Should I have used scanti's Texture Tools to repack instead of Peg Assembler...? Doesn't seem like it would matter, but what do I know? Help pls.
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Welp... I dunno why. :oops: Sudden bout of stupidity from me, I suppose. I remade it all using the Tex Tools and the awful purple hue is gone. I get this now instead:

I'm being picky at this point, but any expert advice on how to fix these weird purple highlights on the jacket and boots? there's also little black shadows on the kneepad. Is it a simple matter of those being too dark on the dds?