What's Seabound up to?...

It's been a little while since I've posted any mods, so I've decided to share some teasers for some of the projects I'm currently working on.
I'm not committing myself to any deadlines, but I'm aiming to release at least one of my larger projects before the end of summer...

As-Yet-Untitled Clothing Patch for GotR: (Current Primary Project)
This hideous outfit demonstrates just some of what can be done with this mod:

~ Tidies up anything IdolNinja may have left unfinished.
~ Adds MANY new ways of wearing existing items.
~ Makes most previously non-colourable items colourable.
~ Adds useful development items for modders.
~ Improves compatibility between items.
~ Restores EVEN MORE cut items!
~ Adds a bunch of entirely NEW items!
~ Stores are being completely restocked from the ground up.
~ Many items will have new default colours to refresh your shopping experience.
~ Customization cameras and animations have been improved.​

In addition to this mod, I am also taking the opportunity to make a list of all VID numbers and what they represent. The list will be made available in the Guides & Tutorials section post release.

Animations Mod:
This GIF was made using this animations mod.

~ Allows for GREATLY expanded customization of movement animations in a user friendly way!
~ Fixes issues with animations which interfere with gunplay.
~ Includes optional special alternate animation sets, such as Shaundi's hacking computer animations.
~ Discover leftover animations from cut side activities, such as the cut firehose animations for the Firefighter Activity.
~ Great for machinima!​

This mod has been in and out of development since 2022, due to other projects taking precedence. Despite that, a TON of work has gone into it, and I am still excited about eventually releasing it sometime this year (hopefully)!

Fight Club Mod:
I haven't forgotten about this! Click here for more details.

Story NPCs Reimagined:
Redesigns of Story characters, mainly inspired by concept art.
I have attached my redesigned Maero as a sneak-peek of what's to come someday in the future!:

There are other projects I have in mind, but the projects I've listed above have been enough to keep me busy for more than a while already. I'm looking forward to eventually sharing my work with you all!


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This is what Maero should have looked like when the game dropped back in the day tbh, suits his intimidating appearance and personality. amazing to see what your working on btw. take your time, your doing an amazing job. 🔥❤️