What is actual height of the boss in Saints row reboot?

Boss is 5'8" according to the official site.

it'd make sense that there's some height slider in the final game's character editor that wasn't included in the boss factory so the background neon wings and halo r aligned properly. however it'd also make sense that the boss' height will b scaled 2 the default height 4 the cutscenes, especially 4 1s where they interact with stuff.
And a Boss with green skin, neon-eyes and wearing gaudy clothes isn't? :p Not trying to be mean, just saying that making your boss stupidly weird is kind of a staple of the series. xD
Too tall or too short boss would look weird in cutscenes
Yeah i notice that too.... Only SR2 i think he just more taller than his gangs member except he have same height like gat i remember... But if you try to wear him with high heels he just getting more taller than gat too 🤣