What did I just find?


So this basically doesn't state anywhere that its fan fiction or what not, but it seems to either be some sort of wishlist or non canon ideas about Saints Row 5. The main page is pretty barren but theres tons of subpages about various topics. I can't get my head around this. What does it mean?
I'd say both with a bit more put into fan fiction. It's pretty elaborate even though they predicted SR5 to come out in 2018.
I hate "leaks". It's always some guy trying to get attention from the public, almost always lying, delivering a massive amount of bullshit. If you've been a GTA fan for a long time, you've been prorably fed up with all the over 400 million GTA V leaked gameplay videos, from before the actual release. And there are already 400 more in the oven, getting ready to trick people with fake imagery of GTA VI.
What I mean is, this must be someone's attempt at trickery