Weapons Tweak to potentially increase the challenge for the Player

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by Frey Dunois, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. A couple gifs of the SNG Vulture now able to fire rockets in a consecutive manner

    SWAT NPCs firing fully automatic AR-55s


    SNG Challenger firing at the Player's position (Notice the faster velocity of the Tank Shell compared to the Vanilla one)

    STAG NPCs firing their weapons at the Player

    Some tank glitching out randomly while I was thinking of a new GIF to capture > ~ >

    Cheats were used to successfully capture the GIFs above, and I haven't tested it yet without cheats, sooo that might be a problem in the future

    I know SR3 is probably outdated by now compared to IV and GOOH, but still~!

    Plans in the future (If I'll even continue this)
    - Change the gun sounds for the Vehicle Mounted MGs (The Vanilla one just seemed lacking and weak for me e.e)
    - Change the fire rate of Vehicle Mounted MGs
    - Fix the velocities on some rockets
    - Maybe tone down everything if there are complaints of the tweaks making the game unbeatable and too annoying

    These were all done by messing around with the weapons.xtbl file froooom this mod~!


    Give feedback and suggestions plz~!
    ; n ;
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