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  1. So, you might know about my "Weapon Retexture Project", I left that one on hold until Meramasu fixed it up. Now I got more freedom and I have decided to do this one.

    Weapon Variety, also known as "Pimp my gun!" is pretty much similar to WRP except this one favours a variety of diverse textures over improved textures.

    Want a Green handle NR4--I mean Glock? Got it! Or you want it Desert? Got it! Maybe you want it Two-Tone? You got it as well! Hell, let's put some Camo on it!
    What about the GDHC .50, that is Desert Eagle? How about...Black, Silver and Gold! Woohoo!
    Oh and there's even some for the T3K Urban, you can have it Weathered, Rusty, Gold...
    Maybe you wanted the AS14 Hammer to have the Green finish, not the XS-2, well I can give you that.
    And hey, why must the AR-50 be just green? You can have a Blue variety...AND EVEN AN ULTOR VARIETY!

    Here's a list of weapons and their CURRENT varieties;
    NR4 = Two-Tone, Green Handle, Desert Handle, Urban Camo Red, Urban Camo Blue, "Futuristic.o!"
    AK-47 = Gold, Urban Camo, Olive-Drab, "Futuristic.o!"
    GDHC .50 = Gold
    SKR-9 = Ultor, "Futuristic.o!"
    T3K Urban = Weathered, Rusty
    AR50 = Blue, Red, Ultor, "Futuristic.o!"
    AS14 = "Futuristic.o!"

    TOTAL: 7 weapons with 20 variants.

    There's more information in the readme. For now, this is what you get, but you'll sure as hell get more!

    Oh by the way, I do accept any request, but don't expect me to really take it. For example, a cool unique Glock21c retexture in which you decided to call "Marker"? Sure! A pink AK47? No way.

    Just for fun:

    What is "Furistic.o!"? = "Futuristic.o!" is a company owned by Ultor which designs White-Yellow weaponry with laser energy. Why? Because Ultor is rich and they can do whatever they want. No need for reasons! No, these weapons don't shoot lasers. In reality, they were made because I was influenced by a "Yellow-White" AUG I saw somewhere, and thought, how about I do it on SR2 for no reason? And I did.

    Believe me, I'd LOVE to add comparison pictures but there's no Model Viewer I know and can use. Besides, I'm too lazy for ingame screenshots, sorry. If you know any Model Viewer, please do tell. If you wanna make comparison pictures, please do!

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  2. Cool!

    Keep up the spiffy work!
  3. wow! Awesome! Keep it up!!
  4. Somebody give the man a medal!
  5. Thanks for the compliments people.

    V1.1 has been added, this one adds Olive-Drab for AK47 and fixes the Urban Camo since the wooden parts didn't work. Thanks to Mesamaru for figuring out. Also, some showcase pictures for some textures.
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  6. Somebody give the guy another medal. ASAP!
  7. Hear, hear!
  8. [​IMG]

    V1.2 has been released. This one contains "Futuristic.o!" skins for AS14, AK47, Glock21c and XM8. That's why it says "O.y4y!", heh. (Actually it's 5 since MP5k is in it, a bonus ;))

    "Futuristic.o!" is a company owned by Ultor which designs White-Yellow weaponry with laser energy. Why? Because Ultor is rich and they can do whatever they want. No need for reasons!
  9. When i put ar50 reskins into MODDERS PUT YOUR PERSONAL MODS HERE folder they don't work. other weap[ons do work, just not the AR50.
  10. Good mod, some really good skins in here.

    If there is something that we need, is a Golden GAL and shepherd, real gangsta bling
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