Weapon Upgrades Degrade in Co-Op

Discussion in 'Patch Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by ReaperXZeos, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. I finished the campaign myself and fully upgraded a whole bunch of the weapons including: Heavy Pistols, Heavy SMG, Automatic Rifle, Burst Rifle, RPG, 'Merica Gun, 9mm Pistols, Pump Action Shotgun, Semi-auto Shotgun, and most of the alien weapons.

    I go to join a friend starting a new game using my already cleared 100% game, and by time we are allowed to free roam and access Friendly Fire outside of the tutorial mission, I notice almost all of my weapons are fully downgraded or at least partially.

    I am playing on the Steam version of the game, if that helps any.

    Also get an error message of "DLC Mismatch" which seems to remove the Screaming Eagle vtol from my heliport as well.
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  3. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard

    When you're playing Co-Op, if the host is at a previous state in the story where you have things unlocked but he/she does not, then you will revert back to their state.
    If you have Telekinesis but they do not, then you, also, will not.
    Progress through the story some more and your unlocks will show up again.
  4. That might just be it. I did notice steam updating SRIV right before I hopped on to play with a friend. But even still, my weapons were fine prior to me joining a friends game. It's always after I join them do they revert to partial or full downgrades, regardless of how far their progress is.

    And yes, Arglaar, I've already taken note of that and thought it was a feature to keep higher level players from outshining their partner. I get the power nerf, but I don't understand the weapon downgrades.
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