Weapon Mod Icon Doesn't Appear In Friendly Fire And Acts Buggy When Trying To Buy It.

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  1. Hello again,

    I hope you all are doing well! Real quickly here I currently trying to make a weapons mod for...well...Saints Row IV. I am trying to add in the M1918 B.A.R rifle as new rifle you can get. I did manage to add it in but the problem is now that when ever I go to Friendly Fire to try to buy the gun it get buggy. What I mean is when I hover over the gun icon to select/buy it nothing shows and there is no option to do anything with it. Also instead of saying "M1918 BAR" like I named it to be in game it will show the previous gun named I happened to hover over for a brief second. Example being like if I happen to hover the Alien rifle gun for a brief second as I am trying to select the M1918 BAR rifle it will show the Alien rifle's name in place of the the given name I assign it. So I would have to constantly switch back and forth to quickly rush over to the rifle to quickly select/buy it. Another thing is that when I do mange to select it no prompt pops up asking if I am sure I want buy it and when I am at the upgrade section of it there is no costume option showing up, granted there is only one and that is the default skin.

    I'll post some links connect you all to two video clips on my YouTube page. One shows what is the problem and the other is some gameplay footage if your interested on how it looks in game as is. Lastly I upload a rar file with my mod folder with the files and models if you want to take a look at it real quick. I hope someone can help me with this because I am EXTREMELY new to weapon modding. I only like two weapon mods, one being Transformer alien rifle and another a sword from Mortal Kombat lol. Hope to hear from someone real soon and also thank you in advance!


    M1918 B.A.R Weapon Mod Problem - ( )

    M1918 B.A.R Weapon Mod Gameplay - ( )

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  2. Admixon

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    You made a few mistakes. Let me tell you how to fix them:
    1. You must set the icon texture resolution to 120x120
    2. You need to save the icon texture as .tga.DDS not .DDS
    3. You need to have _c texture (siply clone ui_hud_inv_M1918_BAR and rename to ui_hud_inv_M1918_BAR_c)
    4. There is also no transparency
  3. That just it, I can't find a way to change the file type to " .tga.DDS " Every time I do try to change it to that file type it automatically changes it to a tga file. I am not really sure on how I can go about fixing that and how and where I can go to change it to that .tga.dds file type. I mostly use Paint.net do work with any texture type files. Do you have an idea?
  4. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    Here, take this. It contains template files just edit them and overwrite while saving. And rename of course.

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  5. Alright I'll quickly give this a whirl! I'll make sure to get back to you on whether or not it was success lol. Thank you for the help!
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