We Lost.

Volition is now owned by Gearbox.

They fell apart after that horrible release called Saints Row (Seriously what were they thinking?) and got gobbled up as many corporations do by bigger megacorporations.

You know who Gearbox is, right? The Borderlands team!

Expect them to either forget all about Saints Row and let it die (thank god) or turn it into another amalgamation of the last two horribad games released this decade.

Saints, or Sinners? You decide.
Just adding my $0.02 worth to this, if I may.

On the face of it this might sound bad for those who love the Saints and the other franchises that Volition has produced over time, but I've been playing computer games for more than three decades; I've seen them rise and I've seen them fall. The one thing that I know about computer games is that they're not made by companies - they're made by people.

The obvious example of this is Chris Roberts. He was the man at Origin who was responsible for the Wing Commander series, and most importantly from my perspective, WC Privateer. Arguably one of the first action oriented SP open world games, depending on where you see Elite fitting into the picture, but I digress.

As a kid, I loved that game. I loved the main char, some of the NPCs, the storyline, the factions, the gameplay - everything. Then Origin got bought out by EA and it was pretty much eaten. No more WC games. (NB - Privateer II was not a sequel to this game; it was made by a different studio and was a good game in and of itself, but should have been made as a standalone game in a standalone universe IMHO)

More than 10 years later, we hear that Digital Anvil has been created by Chris Roberts and he's working on Starlancer, and most importantly, Freelancer. Freelancer is arguably (and certainly in my opinion) the best open world SP action oriented games ever created and was at the time the modernisation of Privateer. And, it was HIGHLY moddable. But, DA got acquired by Microsoft. No more Freelancers, and they haven't even bothered to remaster this great classic for the fans so it doesn't play on modern OSs anymore.

Now, Chris Roberts is heavily involved in Star Citizen. Haven't played it myself but I've heard good things. Been in development a long while, and I may look at it in the future, but what I do know is that there are a lot of people out there who think this game is going to be incredible when it gets into the mainstream.

So, Saints may go away, possibly forever, but the idea of them won't. Writers, coders, designers, artists, and all the other people responsible for Saints over the years come and go from Gearbox, some will find themselves collecting at some new company, and they'll apply their unique talents to new concepts, and create great games that carry the DNA of their former franchise into a fun future project.

Bottom line is that large companies have been buying up smaller companies for their assets forever, but most of those larger companies forget that the real asset is the people, not the products. Who can blame them? As long as we keep taking about Human Resources (HR) and not Human Capital (HC), manager types are never going to get it.

That said, I think there's hope. After the days of Origin being bought by EA and some of the backlash from the gaming community about how that was handled, EA have changed their approach a little. Bioware (for example) still pretty much exists as an enclave within EA, making Mass Effect and Dragon Age for as long as they can hold the teams together.

Gearbox may have 'bought' Volition, but personally I don't think that tells us anything yet. How Gearbox handles the integration of the people is the part of the puzzle that will tell us what we can expect in the future out of the Saints franchise.

But like I said at the outset, this is just my opinion.
Honestly, people lost at the moment Volition stated they weren't backing down on the Dumpster Fire and now here we are...

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." - Murphy's Law perfectly described the dumpster fire.
Cry about it. You lost, bitch.

Now, I'm going to take my leave. Ban me if you want, I ain't coming back lol
I'm not the one making a whole thread crying about how a game studio didn't make a game catered specifically to me.
Honestly... Since your nickname is on the credits of the game... Everything you say about it will be extremely biased in favor of it tho... Just saying.
This isn't true, if you see me on literally any other platform outside of this website, it'd show that I've been absolutely critical and fair of the game. My name being in the credits has no correlation to my thoughts on the game.

Please do not make assumptions about me.
You can speak for yourself. I don't think I've lost. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Volition is being moved from Deep-Silver to Gearbox, but they're still Volition. They'll still be under the THQ Nordic umbrella. I don't see how this change would make anything "worse". Some folks seem so eager to interpret things the worst possible way.

While Volition have some stuff they need to sort out in regards to bugs, they seem to be focused on fixing things as best as they can. Given the situation, what else can they do? They've clearly stated that more patches are coming. That doesn't seem like a loss to me.

The drama and whining from certain people in this community is crazy. I can relate to having some normal disappointment regarding some entries in the series as I wasn't a big fan of where things were heading after SR2, especially after SR3. The games were still entertaining in their own way, but I felt they were lacking the elements I enjoyed in SR2. I do consider SR2 to be my favorite game in the series, but guess what my second favorite is? The reboot. Why? Because to me, it returned to the older setup that I enjoyed. Great customization, a varied and interesting world to explore, no superpowers and a decent amount of content to play around with. I think the level of anger and malice displayed by certain people calling themselves "fans" is ridiculous and sad.

Even though I love the game, it certainly isn't perfect. I definitely have some criticisms of the game (released with too many bugs would be my primary one). I think Volition did a good job trying to reach some kind of middle ground between the older and newer style of SR as far as gameplay and story goes. It surprises me that so many people are acting all upsetti spaghetti because it didn't end up 110% like they wanted it to.

To me the reboot was a great step in the right direction (even with its flaws), and I consider that a win. I'm looking forward to what Volition will do next.