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Several times when just driving around and since doing very narrow turns is super hard, i end up getting on the sidewalks and almost hitting peds or gang members, i can seem them jump out of the way and several seconds later they always go aggro and even manage to catch up with me no matter how fast or how much distance advantage i have, then i can see the glowing red dot in the mini map just going insanely fast trying to ram me... i don't even know where or how they get the damn car it's quite insane lol
Yeah I noticed that too. Pursuers get a speedboost just so they are allowed to catch up with you so you can sideswipe them. I also noticed that they will sometimes teleport back on the road behind you if they get stuck somewhere, which is a shame, since I like to bait them into running into things and get stuck to lose them, but then the game just pulls a Mario Kart where a little turtle on a cloud fishes them out of their misery and puts them back on track.
I'm not saying the reboot is exclusive to do that tho. BUT the way they did on the reboot is worse than SRTT Escort/Tiger Escort where you can see vehicles rendering in front of you and going heads-on.
SR2 boost during drug trafficking was double edged sword, because they may catch you or they may die crashing into other vehicles or in the buildings and ended up ejected from their vehicles.
Launched in a better state than AoM, but only marginally. Update #1 has already introduced fresh bugs, and they don't seem to have a handle on how to manage the level of post-release support that will be required.

Looking at basic nature of some of the things that went out broken, I think we can rule out the possibility that these are bugs that slipped through pre-release QA. I feel like this was a 'ship it and fix as much as the sales revenue will allow' scenario, reminiscent of AoM.

I understand the disruption of working through the pandemic all too well, but can't ignore the pattern of QA issues, continued from previous titles. At some point, I think the team needs to honestly ask itself: are we actually capable of shipping a title of this scope? Should we be tempering our design ambitions against a more sustainable development time and budget?

I regret giving Plaion and Volition the benefit of the doubt, this go around. I swore not to buy products in this franchise from anyone other than Volition, after SR3R's patches rendered that game unserviceable for months on end. I wish I'd walked away at that point. Between the lacking QA and the narrative design choices (that we aren't discussing here,) I do have considerable buyer's remorse.

I haven't refunded the Reboot, and opted to solider through to get what I could out of it. I do hope the post-release support validates my faith.
Question is though. Do you want a Saints Row game? Or do you want a fun, polished game? I played Saints Row 4 on release and I don't think I had a single game breaking bug, even in co-op. And I thought it was pretty fun too. It didn't break down on me every 5 seconds and I thought the humor was pretty good.
I mean, I want both. Who doesn't? What I certainly don't want is a SR game that's unplayable, which is one of the many reasons why I didn't get this game day one. I don't want to have another SR2 PC port situation.

I'd love to play a game that's fun and polished, the thing with SR4 is that it's not fun. When I play SR4 I literally can't find a single a way to have fun in the open world. I could list all of the reasons why SR4 is objectively bad, but I feel like I've already done that way too many times on these forum threads.
Saints Row 5 is a mess in so many ways that can't be patched out later. But yeah, it feels like a Saints Row game. A Saints Row 1.5 type of game.
More like a SR 3.5 to me. And I do think the Reboot will get completely (or mostly) patched at some point, it's what developpers do nowadays.
My experiences with Plaion support so far:

- almost all of my tickets have been closed, with a template reply as follows:

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience, we appreciate you for reporting this issue to us, we would like to inform you that we are aware of this issue and we are diligently working to resolve it as soon as possible, however, we do not have an exact time frame to which this issue will be resolved.

We request your patience in this regard. We will be marking this conversation as solved, however, please be assured as we are working on this issue.

- a ticket I opened for all challenges ceasing to track after playing MP received a template email reply, asking for a screenshot of the bugged challenges. I'd included the bugged save file in the ticket o_0

- the day before this reply, I received another reply from a different member of support staff, telling me the bug was 'fixed in hotfix #1,' and that I should update. Either they're posting incomplete patchnotes, or this guy figured he'd just palm me off.

- opened a ticket to explain that the Chaos Tamer achievement can be broken by a threat event despawning the challenge target early - and permanently - if too many secondary opponents are killed. Received an email asking me 'to screenshot which challenge that is.' Surely a list of unlock requirements for each achievement is a pretty standard part of QA kit?

Very disheartened. I've already wasted 90 hours on a save that's essentially useless, if I want to complete everything. Replies like this don't instil any level of confidence that the game will function correctly, (particularly in MP, which was one of the core selling points for me,) anytime soon.

This honestly feels like AoM and SRTT:R on PC, all over again.