Wall Crawling?

Just checking. Has anyone ever found a way to make more or all buildings climbable in SRTT? I've used the tweak table xtbl file to increase the height of climbing the buildings , fences, and containers you can normally climb, but can't figure out how to make this ability true for all buildings. Has anyone had any success?
... Anyway, see ya !!;)

Yes you can climb certain buildings in SRTT; mostly ones that look like this. And only on a few sides of the building. The climbing height, increased jumping height and parachute flight were all things that can been changed in the tweak table to give your character "super powers". I cannot figure out though how to make all buildings climbable. I have tried playing around with the jump and climb xtbl files to no avail. I think making changes in the sr3_city_lua file might make it possible, but I don't know how to do that.
I guess you can only climb the walls which have models marked as climbable, something with the climb end points. So you have to modify all models for all walls that are currently cannot be climbed on.


I was able to find the climbing animation in the climb_platform_sm.xtbl file. It's called "platform enter 3m". I then went to the jump_sm.xtbl file and replaced the "Jump Stand Start" animation (<tag name>jump) with platform enter 3m. Any animation could be replaced, I just chose jump.

As you can see in the video, the character performs the animation in mid-air, but then falls if there is no platform or object under it. When I applied the "disable gravity" cheat through Sandbox +, the player will continue to climb up anywhere until you disable the cheat. This is fine, but who wants to keep enabling and disabling this cheat during gameplay.

My questions are:

1) Is there a way to continuously loop an animation (in this case climbing) so that the action doesn't stop until you release your controls?
2) Is there a way to remove gravity from an animation?

I think that if we knew (or anyone knows) how to do these things, all buildings could be climbed in SRTT, no just the pre-coded ones. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Volition knows how to do this. You can run on any wall in SR4, there's a separate animation with its own physics for that. :)
Tell JJ the webheads' trying to straighten up these criminals not run with 'em :D. Thanks for the comments. Yeah I have SRIV and I like it, and I've done mods for it...For me I just prefer SRTT more and always wanted to be able to climb more buildings. So we'll keep working on that until a solution is found...or I get tired of it ;)