Animations Walk/Idle Compilation Request

I'm still figuring out SR modding, and I DO plan on doing this myself-- Buuuut....-- If anyone, anybody has the time, the patience, the know-how,
and most importantly the free time to take on something like this (If it's even possible in the first place) , you'd be making me a very happy and lazy
man, and gallantly putting my idiot brain to rest.

Gat bless ya. Gat bless America, and Gat bless the world... Except Utah. They know what they did. :confused:

[Plan A.]

Make a compilation of either Idle animation files or walk cycle files from as many in-game NPCs around Steeleport as possible to replace the player character's
default animations which can be done by making a list of .plym and .plyf files that the user can choose from and put in a loose "Tables" folder.

[Plan A.: Organization]

I would like for the files (.plym/.plyf) to be organized in a folder called "Catagories".

In "Catagories", the .plym/.plyf files would be inside folders that refer to the nature of their animation or idle.
For Example: Let's say the user wants to walk around like an elderly man NPC or a biker woman-- whatever they want.
They would be able to find what they're looking for because YOU (most likely me... you don't even love me bruh) would
put these animations or idles in a folder that would be aptly named something like "Old dude" or "Biker Lady", or you could
call "Biker Lady" "Biker Mama" if you REALLY want everyone to hate your guts. The Choice is yours. Just make
things tidy and easy to navigate for the user. Cool? Cool!

[Plan A.: Notes and Suggestions]

1. It's Okay To Be Janky

Hey you. Hey friend. Yeah you!!! If you test out any animations or whatever in-game and your player character's glitchy talon-like hand is "Danny Phantom"
ghost phasing into their own chest... first of all chill out. It's OK, relax bro take a breather.
Second. If it's only breaking your immersion and not your game or computer (CTDs/Gross and smelly Memory Leakage) give a disclaimer
and post the file(s) in "Mods In Progress". Perfectionism while admirable, can become a cruel hinderance to progress and discovery.
I'm a genius.
Plus if the animations has some visual oddities, maybe some other modder can volunteer to remedy or troubleshoot the problem, if they choose to do so.
If it halfway works, then at the very least people can share some interesting or funny screenshots of their character.

2. I Can Have Him On The Weekends Because I'm The Fun Dad, Diane!

Ayy what can I say... Separation is hard, but necessary sometimes. If you can't get a standing idle and a walk/run animation to work together or anything that troubles you----------------------------
if it's possible to separate anything, DO IT and have the user choose what they want.
--No I don't care if they blame themselves for this.

[Plan B: Sandbox+]

Yo. I'mma be real and say I don't know how to go about this one, so sorry for my ignorance and scatterbrainy-ness on this part.
My bad. ( I didn't know what I was talking about in "Plan A" either! Why are you still reading what I have to sayyy?!?!---- How much did I write anyway?
Ohh dear Heaven... 😬🫣😵‍💫 Who tf am I trying to impress, Mark Twain? You can stop reading, dawg keep it movin' you're good! watch a funny Tik Tok
or something.)

1. Commands

So, like I said I'm not entirely sure how this works but let me take a long, painful, and sad crack at this

Right... A lot of you already know that, in "Sandbox+" you can trigger "Brute", "Drunk", or "Decker Specialist" animations with keyboard button
inputs. How'd they even program that in there? I dunno... But maybe YOU can program extra NPC animations for the player to goof around or to look cool, via button combo! (Or me again... you're right I'm pathetic-- i'm stupid.)

[The End]

My most geneiune and heartfelt thanks to anyone who took the time read this request. (cringe. mess. doo doo. caca. may cause your dreams, organs, and brain to'rebetterthanthishugyourmomcrimesagainstnatureandhumanitynotliable) Like I said before if it's possible I
will do this thing myself. If it's totally do-able and you guys are like "Nah chief, don't wanna" THAT'S AWESOME.
I WANT TO BE CLEAR and say that this more of an idea than a request, but if you have the time to make something like what I requested, or an even better idea then go for it.

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