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  1. [V] mythrndr

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    Hey all,

    We now have a release plan that we can put out to the community to give you all a better idea of what modding capabilities we are planning to deliver first. After a lot of discussions we are going to focus on delivering "verticals of modding" that provide specific capabilities, rather than just releasing a collection of tools.

    Each release will contain tutorials, example data, new tools, and 3DS Max (our primary content creation tool) plugins that enable a new type of modding. We will also provide information on relevant file formats so that people can create plugins for other content creation tools (Blender, etc).

    We will also be putting LUA documentation out in the SDK as well as other file format information. We will of course continue to try and answer specific questions in the forums as well.

    With that in mind, the first three planned releases for the SDK will provide the following support:

    Release A: NOW RELEASED!
    See: SRIV SDK Release A - Weapon Tools

    • Create new weapon models and skins to replace an existing in game weapon.
    • Modify weapon stats (names, damage, rates of fire, etc)
    Release B:
    • Create new character meshes, clothing, and skins to replace existing characters
    • Modify character and clothing stats (hit points, bonuses, etc)
    Release C:
    • Create new animated taunts that can replace existing in game taunts
    • We are looking at ways to make this more accessible, possibly via doing mocap capture on the kinect
    Release D:
    • Vehicle Tuning Guide that has a designer go over how we tune vehicles in terms of available settings and their meanings as well as how we approach tuning a vehicle

    Other areas we plan to explore after the above are:
    • Vehicle modding support
    • Support for modifying and/or creating new missions for the world
    • Modifying world geometry
    • Audio modding
    • Adding new effects to weapons
    • Adding new animations to weapons
    • Adding content instead of just replacing
    • And more driven by community feedback

    We aren't posting timeframes as this work is being done in spare time and late nights between people's work on SR4 and "the next big thing for Volition". However, everyone working is motivated to start getting out concrete releases as quickly as possible.

    We'll keep you updated on how the first release is going so you can have a sense of how we are progressing!



    For work in progress alpha tools check out the Volition github repo:

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  2. Superman

    Superman Modding patch tester

    And it begins...
  3. InnocentSam

    InnocentSam Modding patch tester

    First release = weapon mods.

    This, I like verr much. Mainly because weapons are static meshes, so easier to replace with models from other games.

    *cough* Team Fortress weapon mods *cough*
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

  5. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    maybe increase mobility of the temp weapons?

    And it begins...
    epic use of mortal kombat quotes
  6. Very subtle, Idol. It has begun, indeed.
  7. Awesome! Weapon model tools will be in the first release!
  8. Cool! I was hoping for some kind of time frame, but I can wait.
    But one thing has me confused: you said the different releases would provide support for different types of mods, but what about some of the tools you said you would release, like the table file editor? I'm pretty sure (though not positive) that that could be used to edit both weapon stats and character/clothing stats, among other things. (I'm aware the table files can also be edited in Notepad, but I imagine it would help, and this is just an example anyway.) How does that fit into the whole plan?

    EDIT: I just noticed what it said at the top; I didn't pick that up when I first read it. Do you still plan on releasing the tools at some point though?
  9. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    So each release will get a set of tools specialized for that release, rather than them just releasing a bunch of tools all at once.

    That way, they get to concentrate on making that specific set of tools as good as they can be.
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  10. Thanks for clarifying that. :)
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