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Virus Collection vs. Telekinesis

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TheMIXer, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I just had two instances of what I think is a bug in SR4. I was playing the Virus Collection (ex-Vehicle Theft) activity in both.

    In one instance, I skidded off a cliff while driving the Bootlegger XL, so it fell in that little land area below the cliff that separates it from the "water" by just a few pixels. I got up and used Telekinesis to bring the vehicle to my level. However, I could no longer enter it from any side and had to restart the activity.

    In another instance, the vehicle of question was the Wireframe Phantom, which was initially ridden by two people. I struggled to get near it, and I must have done something to scare the AI so bad that it went out of the road and straight into the "water". Again, I used Telekinesis to dry it up, but I couldn't enter it either.

    I am using Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition from GOG.com (bought legitimately, before any wise guys come up), version 20170523. If there's any way I can prove it to the staff, I'll send it.

    Did anyone else encounter this issue?
  2. Hm, it seems this happens even outside the mission. Huh.