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  1. I think I have been modding guns and clothes and porting everything I can think of to saints row the third. Some people probably prefer saints row four but I love the third because it real( gangsters, crooked cops and hookers, what a life):p.
    Well I decided to try adding my own work to the game to make it feel more realistic. Now nobody can ever steal my work I've done retexture guns and the old fashion ultor suit because my work is original and unmistakable. Yet I felt let's get a little more realistic with the player. So I started piddling with my imagination. Here is a copy of the original eye texture for the dark blue eyes pre-installed in the game: downloadfile-1.png
    Seems a little fake and cheesy:eek:.
    So I decided to see just how good I was at texturingo_O. Well I'm sure not perfect by all means but I believe I made a few look a hell of a lot better and still in the works;). These are examples of my idea of real eye textures: downloadfile-18.jpg downloadfile-10.jpg downloadfile-9.jpg downloadfile-8.jpg downloadfile-7.jpg downloadfile-6.jpg Screenshot6168.jpg Screenshot5203.jpg Screenshot4574.jpg Screenshot8486.jpg Screenshot4970.jpg Screenshot6526.jpg Screenshot4145.jpg Screenshot7746.jpg
    Now I figure it isn't perfect but this eye texture looks much more realistic: downloadfile-2.png
    So I don't know how many modders are left on this site and don't realy matter because I still keep doing what I do best ( making this game real and fun just like everyone before me);). So I hope there are few of you left to give me some feedback to make this mod better. I will update as soon as I have got more of the eye colors completed. For now this is a simple copy and paste to your game.
    If any of you already have a customize_player.asm_pc file in your main directory no worries, simply copy my str2_pc files to your game and then update the asm.
    Please notify me of any issues or help needed and I will get back to you as soon as possible;).

    An updated file has been uploaded as requested by fan of saints;) to include all eye coolrs available.
    I had no idea what to do with the white one because hey, its white:p. But I got creative with the black just for fun. I created a deep blue eye surrounded with light black shading( kinda like bleeding mascara) and a farsighted caterac. KInd of like this:
    Viper Black eye.jpg
    Added the last 2, yellow and white.
    For those of you like my pal Admixon, I am uploading an optional red eye. He felt the other was too pink. So you now have an option for either one. Screenshot9638.jpg
    I have noticed a few people have been having issues changing to the new red eye and updating the custopmize_player.asm_pc file( no worries it gave me the same issues). I am providing an option to fix the problem as I don't want anyone having issues with my mods. Nude mods use the same customize_player.asm_pc file and require update after changes of course. I am providing an ASM Updater Provided by Gameqube as an option to fix the problem. I am in no way taking credit for this program as Gameqube requires all the credit for developing the program and I would be lost updating asm_pc files without it. Simple instructions to this program are as follows:

    Copy the entire ASM Updater folder to C:/program files x86/steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third and leave it there!!!!( reason for leaving it there is because anytime you ad,change or remove a mod it will be necessary to run the program).

    You want to open the ASM Updater folder after copying it to game folder as instructed and run the top windows command prompt that says "Update after addition or changes" and you will see a small windows command window pop up and update any and all asm_pc files you have. If you remove a mod you would run the bottom one that says "Update after removal" and it will do the same and update the asm_pc files for you.

    Any issues updating please feel free to notify me as soon as possible and I will help you fix the problem promptly. Please make sure to note that Gameqube requires all credit for this program;).

    Iam adding an optional blue and green eye as an optional replacement for the dark blue eyes as requested by my friend Rastaman289;). He felt this would be a more realistic feel.
    Screenshot9019.jpg Screenshot11549.jpg Also if you want her pretty face to lok like that, look in the adult section for Viper's Body Retexture and download V2.
    My player is not wearing any makeup whatsoever and the option for no eyebrows( added realistic looking eyebrows and real lips).

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  2. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

  3. Absolutely:). Can I finish the rest of the eye colors first:oops:?
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  4. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    Well, I'm releasing an update on Saturday or Sunday because I have plenty of new features and changes for my special version of Sandbox+ waiting to be released. If you release an update before I start uploading the pack, I'll be happy to include it. :)
  5. Sure. Give me a day and I should be able to get the rest completed;). I got a great idea for the black eyes, I made a blue eye with a black outer tint and a minor carac:D. Looks pretty as hell.
    By the way, look at page 73 of my black and chrome gun collection and check out the sexy ultor suit I did;) downloadfile-5.jpg downloadfile-4.jpg
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  6. Your update is now available my friend and I include all screenshots to show what they are;)
    By the way if you are adding ported items check out my main menu and default character mod.
    It has several ported hairstyles and a few clothing items like the Amazonian body armor
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  7. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    Can I port your mod to IV?
  8. Always admixon! Just give me a little credit;)
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    Of course I'll give!!
  10. Thanks pal:D
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