Very Strange Halloween Pack I

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    Spooky, scary, skele... I mean. Skeleton is in the pack too but check other crazy halloween costumes.

    1182240686_preview_20171027081247_1.jpg 1182240686_preview_20171026024118_1.jpg 1182240686_preview_20171027012636_1.jpg
    206420_20201015212144_1.png 206420_20201015212146_1.png 206420_20201015212205_1.png 206420_20201015212234_1.png 206420_20201015212359_1.png

    Installation Guide
    (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod)

    1. Go to
    2. Press big green button "Subscribe"
    3. Wait for the mod to complete downloading
    4. Launch the game

    1. Download vshp1.vpp_pc file
    2. Place vshp1.vpp_pc file to Saints Row 4\mods folder (if you don't have mods folder, create it)
    3. Launch the game


    Thanks to
    BeautiDuwanger for Spanish translation
    Singa for German translation

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  2. That skeleton looks spooky epic
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  3. woah this is seriously awesome. nice work!!
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