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bike_bc01 Bloody Cannoness Motorcycle
bike_broomstick01 Salem Helicopters
bike_cyber01 X-2 Phantom Motorcycle
bike_exotic01 Kaneda Motorcycle
bike_exotic01_genki Angry Tiger Motorcycle
bike_exotic01_wire Wireframe Phantom Motorcycle
bike_jet01 Specter Helicopters
bike_jet04 XOR Helicopters
bike_rocket02 Kenshin Motorcycle
bike_standard02 Estrada Motorcycle
bike_standard02_cyber Cyber Estrada Motorcycle

boat_speed01 Miami Boat
boat_speed04 Commander Boat
boat_wavecraft01 Shark Boat

car_2dr_buggy01 Mongoose Car - sports
car_2dr_compact03 Mockingbird Car - compact
car_2dr_compact04 Halberd Car - compact
car_2dr_compact08 Emu Car - compact
car_2dr_exotic04_genki Sexy Kitten Car - sports
car_2dr_exoticsports01 Attrazione Car - sports
car_2dr_exoticsports02 Peacemaker Car - sports
car_2dr_exoticsports09 Temptress Car - sports
car_2dr_exoticsports10 Blade Car - standard
car_2dr_luxury01 Rattler Car - sports
car_2dr_luxury02 Stiletto Car - big domestic
car_2dr_luxury05 Sovereign Car - luxury
car_2dr_monster_cyber Cyber Bootlegger XL Truck - big (semi cab)
car_2dr_monster02 Bootlegger XL Truck - big (semi cab)
car_2dr_muscle01 Hammerhead Car - big domestic
car_2dr_muscle02 Bootlegger Car - big domestic
car_2dr_muscle04 Phoenix Car - big domestic
car_2dr_muscle05 Lightning Car - standard
car_2dr_police02_wire Wireframe Peacemaker Car - sports
car_2dr_sports03 Raycaster Car - sports
car_2dr_sports09 Torch Car - sports
car_4dr_classic01 Hollywood Car - standard
car_4dr_classic03 Relic Car - big domestic
car_4dr_compact01 Solar Car - standard
car_4dr_exoticluxury01 Justice Car - standard
car_4dr_genki Genkimobile Car - standard
car_4dr_genki_m04 Genkimobile Car - standard
car_4dr_luxury04 Eiswolf Car - standard
car_4dr_luxury06 Infuego Car - standard
car_4dr_monster06 Infuego XL Truck - small (pickups)
car_4dr_muscle01 Hammer Car - standard
car_4dr_nyte01 Nyte Blayde Car - standard
car_4dr_police02 Pacemaker Car - standard
car_4dr_standard04 Gunslinger Car - standard
car_4dr_standard04_m19 Gunslinger Car - standard
car_4dr_standard04_p Gunslingerp Car - standard
car_4dr_standard07 Churchill Car - standard
car_4dr_std04_cyber Cyber Gunslinger Car - standard

heli_4dr_police01 Oppressor Helicopters
heli_fighter_01 Tornado Helicopters
heli_fighter_02 Vulture Helicopters
heli_fighter_03 Eagle Helicopters
heli_fighter_03_ms05 HeliMS05 (Eagle) Helicopters
heli_standard_02 Thompson Helicopters

hovercraft_4dr_01 Assert Car - big domestic
hovercraft_4dr_01t Assert Car - standard
hovercraft_4dr_wire Wireframe Assert Car - standard

plane_fighter02 AB Destroyer Airplanes
plane_jet01 Snipes 57 Airplanes
plane_standard01 Woodpecker Airplanes

sp_apc01 Bear Truck - big (semi cab) Industrial
sp_atv01 Toad Car - compact ATV
sp_atv01_genki Verminator Car - compact
sp_cart01 Knoxville Car - compact
sp_crib_ship The Ship Helicopters
sp_crib_ship_m07 The Ship Helicopters
sp_crib_turrets Turrets Helicopters
sp_gat01 Gatmobile Van/Minivan
sp_key The Key Helicopters
sp_pony_cart01 Pony Cart Car - compact
sp_rover_genki Sad Panda SUV
sp_shortbus01 Donovan Truck - big (semi cab)
sp_stargate Stargate Watercraft
sp_tank_hover Destructor Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank_hover_m21 Destructor Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank_vr Recursor Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank_vr_red Recursor Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank01 Challenger Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank03 Crusader Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_tank03_saints Saints Crusader Truck - big (semi cab) Tank
sp_trike01 Pulse Car - compact ATV
sp_turret Turret Car - standard
sp_turret_wh Turret (white house) Car - sports
sp_turret_sg SGTurret Car - standard
sp_ufo03 Void Helicopters
sp_ufo03_m03 Void Helicopters
sp_vtol_eagle Screaming Eagle Helicopters
sp_vtol01 F-69 VTOL Helicopters
sp_vtol01_saints Saints VTOL Helicopters

suv_2dr_01 Swindle SUV
suv_4dr_02 N-Forcer SUV
suv_4dr_02_saints Saints N-Forcer SUV
suv_4dr_07 Taxi SUV
suv_4dr_luxury05 Bulldog SUV
suv_4dr_luxury05t Bulldog SUV
suv_4dr_luxury07 Atlantica SUV
truck_2dr_armored01 Titan Truck - big (semi cab)
truck_2dr_classic01 Genki Manapult Truck - small (pickups)
truck_2dr_classic02 Betsy Truck - small (pickups)
truck_2dr_flatbed01 Flatbed Truck - big (semi cab) Industrial
truck_2dr_garbage01 Steelport Municipal Truck - big (semi cab) Industrial
truck_2dr_monster01 Atlastbreaker Truck - small (pickups)
truck_2dr_monster02 Betsy XL Truck - small (pickups)
truck_2dr_pickup02 Varsity Truck - small (pickups)
truck_2dr_semi01 Peterliner Truck - big (semi cab)
truck_4dr_pickup04 Compensator Truck - small (pickups)
truck_4dr_pickup07 Criminal SUV


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Wikia says it's a Zin portal, but since we can't even spawn boats in SR4...
...what if we change its category to Helicopter or Car like we did with helicopters and VTOLs back in SR3?

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
What vehicle do the 50s police use and is ther a seprate code/model for it or is it the standerd car and the area auto applys texture as I seen post about crib plane doing that

Only asking as Id like my '50s Police Back' up to turn up in a 50s police car if I ever get them to stop bugging out and turning into saints :')

I believe the Gunslinger p version is what you're looking for:
I believe the Gunslinger p version is what you're looking for:

I found it earlyr it was car_4dr_standard04_m19 but the edit button was playing up for me and I didnt wana double post :p

Thanks for the great list tho saved me loads of time, a weapons list would be a great addition to this section of the forums, the SRIV Guids and Tuts section is pretty empty

thers weapons in the xtbl like the genki gun from SRTT but im not sure if you can use it in game
Is there any noticeable difference between a normal Police Gunslinger and Gunslingerp? All I have seen is a different entry animation for the latter: the protagonist goes away from a right side of a car and then teleports themselves. o_O