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Vehicle handling...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MOTOSXORPIO, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Thinking about whipping up some mods for vehicles. Handling. Camera. Both 1st person (for those who use dem thar mods) and for 3rd person view. Totally hard to get those 1st person mods to look like "going super fast", but I think I got close. Does anyone still play this game? Cuz I just got it, splurged on some game online purchasing, which I don't like doing.

    Anyone up for that? If so...watch SRTT Mods in progress...
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  2. Ah...

    The reason I ask openly like this:

    I make this for myself. If someone wants it, I will make it for them too.

    If more than one wants it, I make it compatible with other mods (maybe not all, any I might use as well) to upload.

    If no interest: I might upload anyway, and everyone gets it like I want it.

  3. Maybe tomorrow:
    Infuego, cuz it's readily available and a gang vehicle by default. Physics are different between IV and TT, so I'm working this from scratch...no cheating off my other WIP. Third person first, I'll add First person in a day or two.
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