Vanilla Kayak

Vanilla Kayak v0.5

This is a simple texture patch that removes the logos from all Taxi vehicles.

The Ford Flex is one of my favorite IRL vehicles. I was pleased as punch to see it homaged in SR3 as the Kayak, and grandfathered into SR4 and even GooH as the Taxi; however, the fact that it was stuck as nothing but a taxi in SR4 was mildly frustrating. So, I set to work on my first mod, and all it is is a hackjob patch that makes the various logos on the Taxi completely transparent, making it considerably more customizable. Unfortunately, removing the checkered stripe seems to be beyond my current skill level, as it looks like it's part of the mesh and uses a separate texture, but having the gaudy taxi logos removed is better than nothing, I suppose. I'm no modeler, but if someone wants to point me in the right direction or fancies having a go at it themselves, be my guest.

Extract all five files to the root SR4 folder.
If you have any mods that alter vehicles, do not overwrite your vehicle_containers.asm_pc file. Extract only the .str2_pc files and update your .asm_pc file using Minimaul's ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.Stream2Update.exe tool.






  • SR4 Vanilla Kayak v0.5.7z
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removes the logos from all Taxi vehicles , that very nice . If remove all taxi texture just like SRTT normal Kayak , BETTER than before