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  1. First off, I owe this to Minimaul and Bojan, could never had done this without their tools. Also, for Volition and THQ for making this one stupid-awesome game.

    I remember during my playtime in SR3, during a heated firefight with a rival syndicate, I kinda got pushed back into some alley, trying my best to take cover and heal up by hugging the wall on my right, I kinda got the camera pushed closer to my character/weapon. Panning my view angle it from an over the shoulder view, to near-first-person view.

    Being really inspired by games like Sleeping Dogs and Mafia II, I kinda like how the view's closeness to the ground and your character contributes for that feeling of "immersive scale"...then read IdolNinja's thread about "quantumsingularity's vehicle first-person-view mod", it kinda motivated me into making this. Started this two days ago, doing nothing but endless test runs, trial-and-error, scrap modding, and tweaks to the coordinates and angles/orbits of these "submodes".

    Short and sweet; A third-person camera view modification. Bringing the Saints experience, as stated on the title; "up close, and personal".

    Default view is over the shoulder, while fine-aim gives you pretend-first-person view!
    (note: i tried properly positioning the camera "in front of the avatar's head" for a proper first-person view, but my trouble is that it only looks swell when you're facing north...standing still or walking. Facing any other directions pans the view in an awkward way which shows messy view of a head mesh, the trouble exacerbates when I started running/sprinting...so yeah, my current fine-aim view seems to be the way to go.)

    On the screenshots:
    1.The Default view, close, heavily panned to the right.;2.Sprint view, increased FOV, centered, z orbit pushed back.;3)Default view with weapon.;4 to 6)Fine-Aim view.;7) Crouch view, same with default, with minor change on Y base position.;8 and 9) Crouched Fine-Aim view.


    The only tweaks left that I'd be doing is the interior views (it's only then when I found the submodes that I actually noticed that there are two different view sets between indoors and outdoors.) -Done!-

    File - "2-CZsr3ucm11.zip"
    -Now have the interior/indoor submodes tweaked.
    and; (thanks to Ern's feedback)
    -Reduced the base FOV and adjusted the cam positions accordingly. Hopefully, to prevent or at least, lessen the vertigo.
    -Leveled the height of the camera to have a proper, equal, and clear horizon view.

    (Probably)Final Update:
    File - "3-CZsr3ucm12.zip"
    -The "tweak_table" file modifies the "camera_shake_maximum_intensity" variable to 0. In hope to further lessen the headache-inducing vertigo.
    -The "aim_assist" file have been modified to "disable it", since the tugging feeling on the aim has exacerbated when the view angle/position has been changed.

    *No need to download all, just the latest (""3-CZsr3ucm12.zip") one. Kept the previous ones for reference/others to prod at.


    Anyways, this is probably my final touch up on this mod. I'm pretty much open if anyone wants to use my tweaks for further modifications or as a basis(or extension) of their own work. Just don't forget to give credit. ;)

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  2. Ern


    I had to increase the FOV by about 10 degrees (so it wouldn't feel as nauseating), but other than that, I'm loving it so far. I think I'll use this perspective for my next playthrough, thanks.

    EDIT: Also, I think the camera shows too much asphalt. If it's possible to 'separate' the camera from the crosshair, you could try pitching it a bit, to show less of the road and more of the sky and surrounding buildings.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I showed it to my friend and even him felt a bit unease, mostly on the sprinting part. Tweaked it on the second file. :)
  4. Ern


    Regarding the "too much asphalt" part: controlling the camera angle turned out to be much easier than I thought. If you lower the value of <Manual_Aim_Elevation_Angle>, it'll will move the crosshair position down, forcing you to always keep the camera higher than usual. Right now, I settled on setting <Manual_Aim_Elevation_Angle> to -8 and <Manual_Vehicle_Aim_Elevation_Angle> to 1. If you want to try it, remember that it may take at least a couple of minutes to adjust, especially after playing hours on the vanilla settings. On the plus side, your perspective will now include much less road and more architecture :)
  5. Applied it on my second tweak;
    ...I find it kinda neat how the game suddenly makes you emphasize the vista. :p

    Anyway, I'm kinda contented with my final tweak. Finally got that "grounded" look and feel, that's my goal with this after all. Anyway, anyone up for using this as a base for their own mods or for further retweaks, i'm all cool with that. Enjoy guys. :)
  6. I like this mod, thank's, but could be made that could change the character's camera too?
    ie you have four cameras, camera fps, camera far the character, the character half away camera, camera very close to the character (with the mythical san andreas) thanks:)
  7. Ern


    I just realized why I had no camera control over the yarn ball in Sexy Kitten Yarngasm. Both this and the "Uzi's Better Camera_free (Camera View) mod" are using an older version of camera_free.xtbl. There is a newer version (attached) that can be found either in patch_compressed.vpp_pc or in patch_uncompressed.vpp_pc. If you want, I can also upload a working modded version of the file based on this mod, but it'll contain some minor differences from the mod and some tweaks like unlocked camera during nitro boosts or increased vehicle FOV.

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