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Unlimited RC processor signal

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by p8uu12, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. We should have a mod that we get unlimited range for the RC processor because whenever i play sr3 and us that weapon it gets out of signal and i cant use it anymore plus if we have this mod we could use small flying vehicles like the specter to act like a drone so we can spy on gang operations like the morning star and deckers that would be so cool to have in the game so please can you create this mod.

    Please reply back
    Sincerely: P8uu12
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I was just playing with that yesterday. tweak_tables.xtbl>RC_gun distance or something like that...changing the value from 200 to 8000 is good enough. Traveled across the map with this.
  3. Tell me if I'm wrong, but it is not worth making a new thread for this mod. So here you go, put this in the main library and your RC gun will have a very high effective range.
    Have fun.

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  4. Thank you soooo much !!!!!