Unethical Kawaii

Kawaii 1.0 (New) uses VFX
Delete "effects" and use "VFX"
If you use effects some icons won't show up.
Do Not use both!

2 Versions to choose from
Kawaii 1.2
lollipop chainsaw
The "lollipop chainsaw" version

has more effects
Shot Gun muzzle
Rpg trail
Rpg muzzle
Rpg explosion
Grenade explosion
Car exhaust (world has the effect)
Nitro FX
Car burnout
Hubcap FX
Flame thrower
Car blowing up FX
(NEW) Helicopter stars (1.2)
(NEW) Melee blood (1.2)
(NEW) Helicopter weapon FX (1.2)
(NEW) Flamethrower hit stars (1.2)
(NEW) Rifle Hit (1.2)
(NEW) Temporary Weapons FX (1.2)

Wheels Effects (hubcap)
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Rim Jobs

Added an alternative version "lollipop chainsaw"
Has all the effects from above and

+ Chainsaw smoke is stars effects
+ Rollerblader dash has star effects
+ vehicle explode has genki effects
+ Pistols,Smg & rifle have stars FX

For Kneecappers


(New) lollipop chainsaw FX (Video)

Place "VFX" in your SR3R directory (where your game launcher is)
If you are using Kawaii "effects" please remove it (old version)
Please use "VFX" Do not use Both!


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