Character Customization Undercut hairstyle?

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Pop Smoke, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. In Saints Row 3, there was a hairstyle called "The Maero Mullet" but that is no longer in Saints Row IV. Would it be possible to make a hairstyle like this?

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  2. Your image suggests not the "Maero Mullet", but possibly the "Styled Fade". Pic related.

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  3. Its not the style I'm looking for since that haircut isn't swept back; I mentioned the Maero Mullet from SR3 cause it looked somewhat similar to the photo I posted. I mean if it is really possible to port a SR3 hairstyle to SR4, then the Maero Mullet would be satisfactory for me.
  4. "Maero Mullet" is indeed in SR4 BUT it is quite literally, a mullet. If the back of the hair cut were to be removed somehow, then it would definitely turn in to a great looking Undercut. I would love to see this but, I have never modded with SR4 before so I have no idea the ins and outs of it all and I am not sure if what I am saying is even possible.
  5. I've seen modders make hairstyles but instead of them being in Imagine As Designed, they're in the clothing store under the hat section. I was hoping that someone could make an undercut style and just put it under the hat section like I have seen and even used before.
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  6. Ah same here. One of the mods I am using includes a hair style in the hat menu. It definitely is possible so maybe someone could edit the mesh and just throw it in to that slot. Hopefully someone can take a shot at this.
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