Ultor Family Gun Day (featuring weeaboo saint)

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by DB7.5, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Get it?.....me either. Thanks to popular demand (well alright two people, whatever.) Ultor have now joined the Saints in Steelport and come in three unique flavours:



    Includes Updated ASM file and ASM updater; throw all the files in the SR3 Steam folder.

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  2. This ..... Very Nice Homie .
  3. this is the last time i will reply you this, i dont will annoy more:)

    you can make a mod that replaces the deckers that we have like homies, with the original deckers, with their original colors and the swords on their backs, please:D

    we can talk in private, if you want
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  4. This is a compatible patch for this mod that changes the Decker homies back to their original color palette. I'm afraid I have no idea how to add props to characters, I've tried this before and it hasan't worked.

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  5. thanks, but, there actually a mod that changes the color pallete of all the homies, its the "original colors for gang customization" mod, i need the swords, but its okay like this :)
  6. Ye. I would like the swords too, for this:

    Ronin Saints, yo. (mod compatible)

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  7. yo, there is a mod request that ask for this
  8. you are someting that we say in our country to name cool things

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