Ultor Assassin Costume Mod - Decker style

Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by gameqube, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. tandem.jpg Mod to modify the look of the Ultor Assassin Costume, both for the player and the NPC Cypher.

    Complete recoloring of the diffuse texture, to give it a decker look.

    Since some of the files of the player and Cypher seem to be shared in loaded memory during play, it is much better to have the mod modify both the player and Cypher files, to avoid inconsistencies in looks during play.

    This simply means installing all the files of the mod in the game directory, and there should be no problems.

    The texture file for the bottom part was very low resolution, and it is stretched significantly on the models. And furthermore, for both the top and bottom parts of the costume, some regions in the diffuse textures were clearly not layed out for supporting sharp contrast of colors.This means the appearance of some nasty artefacts due to the algorithm of file compression. The most obvious areas this does affect are the shoulder straps. But still, it looks very good when you dont check the details too much. [My version 2 update adresses this, I am now using the NVIDIA Texture Tools to do the compression, there are much less artefacts in this case]

    There was also some normal maps fixing done, because some were not aligned correctly with the diffuse textures.

    I also used Superdemus technique of hex editing some files to give a very nice shiny leather look to the top and bottom garments, AND to give it also to the breastplate which was completely matte in the original costume.

    I noted that in the case of the player costume, there is a problem with the gun and its gun holster hanging on straps, to the left. The mesh seems to be incomplete. And it becomes very deformed when the player is riding a motorbike.

    Update: There are now two versions of the mod, the difference between the two being the resolution of the player costume textures. Originally, the player costume textures were the low res ones. I have added a version where the hi res textures are used instead.

    WARNING! This mod may conflict with any other player character mods that do also make use of the same files. The most problematic files are character_containers.asm_pc AND customize_item.asm_pc. ultor assassin decker look.jpg
  2. Congratulations, looks very cool! It will surely add more diversity to Deckers gang after some xtbl changes. Bottom line is that I really don't recall seeing that NPC_Cypher character anywhere... I'm not missing something, am I?
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Wasn't that npc supposed to be for the money shot dlc that never came out? It was a PS3 exclusive thing that got cancelled, if memory serves.

    Money Shot was originally a new mode where you played as an assassin and could control the bullets you fired with a bullet cam. You would guide it through bonus rings and things like that before hitting your targets. There was a youtube video showing beta gameplay of it, but I can no longer find it.




  4. Yea, by the end of the game, I was wondering what I had missed doing for never seeing Cypher. I knew the character existed in the files, but that's it. First time I saw her in game was through the Gang Plus One mod, I believe. For now, I simply modified character.xtbl to include her in the gang customization. My initial goal was to make a kick ass female SWAT character and replace all the police special forces with her. But Im tempted to just keep her as a homie customization now.
  5. Just to let you know I was not quite satisfied with the final result, because of the file compression issues. So I researched the subject a little and decided to try the NVIDIA Texture Tools to do the compression. There are way less artefacts, and this prompted me to issue a version2 of the mod. Check the OP for the new download link.
  6. Ern


    You have to own the Money Shot Pack DLC in order to use this, right?
  7. I suppose so. I just checked back in the Steam store and the costume is displayed in the image for the money shot DLC. All those myriad DLC intricacies are going a little over my head, as I bought everything together in the Steam Summer Sale.
  8. Ern


    No problem. I avoided buying it on sale because I didn't know about the Realism Mod and didn't want to have any overpowered weapon and vehicle handouts in the beginning of the already too easy game. Now that I know that these things can be modded to be sold by the game's weapon stores, I'll definitely grab the rest of the DLCs as soon as they go on another 75% sale.
  9. Just a final update (I think).

    -redid some colorings by using a little more antialiasing for some regions
    -added mipmaps to some normal files I hade modified previously [modifications to offset the normal maps to their proper position]
    -also did modify cf_suit_cyphersuit.ccmesh_pc and cf_suit_cyphersuit.ccpeg_pc to use the hires textures for the player costume, in the new hires version of the mod.

    So there are now two versions of this mod, the difference between the two being the resolution of the player costume textures. Originally, the player costume textures were the low res ones. I have added a version where the hi res textures are used instead.

    In the facts, the difference between the two versions of the mod is the resolution of the upper part of the suit, as there is only a low resolution version of the lower part in the files.
  10. There is another issue with this costume (both, the original and the custom one). The neck does not properly attach to the suit as you can see through the model just where the neck joins into the suit. This becomes more apparent when the character is in crouching position. As for graphic bugs this is one that once it has been seen cannot be unseen, therefore ruining the suit quite a bit.
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