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Discussion in 'Fixed bugs' started by Admixon, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Admixon

    Admixon Cybercat Staff Member

    Ok. New beta build has been released...
    And why do I have 2 autosaves? Which one is correct?
    bandicam 2016-03-10 07-02-43-816.jpg
    EDIT: I think game saved old autosave as savegame and created new autosave on new build. Am I right?
  2. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    They both are correct. What I have had to create here is essentially two gamesave systems. This removes the requirement that once you go beta you can't go back(hehe). The downside is that there are two systems and so we have two autosaves. I could hide the base game's autosave, but I thought that would be undesired magic. I will admit that it is confusing to see multiple autosaves, but you won't have more than two. Is this feedback that the second autosave should be hidden and we only show the beta branch's autosave if both are present?
  3. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Modding patch tester

    I wonder if it's possible to just indicate which autosave is for which type of game with a display name change, but hiding the base game autosave sounds fine too. :)
  4. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    In a perfect world the savegame system would get you to name the save and we would use that for the filename and the load list. Unfortunately we're into localization land and I've been worried about changing things like that. I can't just make it say "OLD AUTOSAVE" or something without figuring out all the language translations and patching the localization data. Since I don't have a full QA department and translators I've been timid there.

    Note that due to the amount of code that I change on a daily basis and the completely disruption of the system you wouldn't think I would be so timid when it comes to localization. I've never claimed to be sane though. :)

    I think I'll just hide the old one. Thanks for the report.
  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I think the old format autosave must have been removed before the Steam Workshop public launch, but this presents a problem importing the boss character into GOOH for cut scenes. Would it be possible to add that back to fix the import problem with GOOH? You could simply not display the old format autosave in the LOAD GAME list if a new format one also exists. I am assuming that GOOH will import from a SRIV old format autosave if it finds one, which I haven't specifically verified.

    What do you think?
  6. [V] Knobby

    [V] Knobby Volition Staff

    We actually have both the old format saves and the new format saves. So there can be two autosaves and Gat can still read your old autosave. The real issue there is that it isn't updated and new players won't see that feature at all until/if we can patch Gat to support the new format. What could be happening here is that when the new autosave is saved it is marked to overwrite the old format one so we nuke the old autosave. In a perfect world we patch Gat. In a not-so-perfect world we make the autosave also save in the old format so Gat can read it maybe?
  7. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, that's what I observed when I looked at my own save files. I saw that the old saves were still in the old format and the new saves were in the new format.
    I noticed that, in my own save file directory, there are two autosave files:
    1. sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc (last modified 12/6/2016, 64KB, new format)
    2. sr3save_00.sr3s_pc (last modified 5/8/2016, 143KB, old format)
    So, the old autosave wasn't nuked when the new one was saved, which is good!
    That's what I was attempting to ask, but I worded it very poorly. :oops:
    I know your new code puts the new-format autosave in "sr4save_autosave.sr4s_pc", but could it also write an old-format copy to "sr3save_00.sr3s_pc" at the same time? Maybe that would work for those who don't have any existing old-format autosaves, like in this case.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2016
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