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Audio levels in every other program lower when SR3 is running
quote: "As soon as I enter a game, all other audio that is not saints row has it's sound levels reduced. This is rather annoying since I like to talk on ventrillo as I game."
solution: None was posted, but i expect that this is the Windows 7 communications volume reduction in action. Open your sound properties, go to the "Communications" tab, and set the option to "Do nothing".

I keep falling through the world or have missing pieces in game scenery
solution: WorkingGames eventually discovered that installing his motherboard chipset drivers fixed it. If i had to speculate, i'd say that communication with the hard drive was slow or not working well, causing data not to stream in properly. But it's just speculation.

Turning on video recording mode makes the engine and gunshots silent or quiet
quote: "I turned on the Video Record option to capture the moment and my car engine turned silent and a large amount of gunshots were silent too. Is this a possible bug with the game or my PCs sound system (Logitech G35 Headset). As soon as I turned record off the sound went back to normal."

Audio seems to be coming from only one side
"The game is running fine and all but i can't say the same for the sounds.
The sound is echoey and all the voices are coming from the right side only, as is the radio.
In cutscenes it seems just fine though.
Also, if i record footage with FRAPS the sound is fine.
It's difficult to explain."

Performance drops for a few seconds on occasion
explanation: This is my own entry. The game is sensitive to CPU usage, so you want to monitor and minimize CPU use by other processes. In my case, the Windows Superfetch service seemed to want to take some cpu time when the game was running. I'm not running the latest video drivers, though, so i can't promise updating them wouldn't help. I'm just lazy. Disabling the Superfetch service while playing mostly smoothed it out for me, because i found svchost as the culprit, and the Windows Resource Monitor helped me pin down the service.
solution: Use Process Explorer to keep track of what is using CPU time and when, then take care of it.

The gameplay (but not the audio) freezes for a second frequently
quote: "Anyway, these freezups occur all the time, regardless of graphic settings, or DX9/11 mode. They happen ingame, in the main menu, ingame menu, intro and cutscenes. Have the latest sound and video drivers. Windows up to date."
my response: I wonder whether he had his chipset drivers, too. Or, maybe a background process is grabbing all the cpu for a short time, though i'd expect that to affect the audio.

The game minimizes when launched
quote: "Hay everyone I was having the problem with launching the game and just having it minimize to the taskbar. The problem I found was with a bad Bink video player. After I downloaded the newest one from there web site that solved the problem."
explanation: The game ships with a Bink codec, but an independently installed one may take priority.
solution: Uninstall or update your Bink video player:

The Cat & Mouse diversion unfairly populates traffic for the players
quote: "I played 3 times with my boyfriend. He was the host, and for some reason, whenever he was the mouse, he had no traffic around him, making him an incredibly difficult target to kill. Yet, when I became mouse, traffic was every where. I kept getting blown to bits in one shot because he blew up a car that was near me which caused my car to explode too in the chain reaction."
my response: I wasn't even aware this diversion exists. Apparently you can start it if you're killed by the other player? I don't know.

Streets are glowing white
quote: "Hello all, been having a metric ton of problems with this game and I'm at wits end, whenever i try to boot the game in DX9 it crashes immediately. But the bigger issue I'm having is that when i play in DX10/11 mode, all the streets are glowing bright white with black flecks in it, any advice, already tried everything I could think of."

Controller sensitivity is way too low
quote: "the highest setting is what the lowest for any game is... i dont get it... there needs to be an update that changes this or a setting .ini. its unbearably slow"

The framerate is okay, but everything is in slow motion
quote: "I am able to play the game now but everything is slow motion. Not choppy, but as if the game is running really slow? Like everyone is underwater.. That's the best way I can describe it."

The Three Way mission breaks when i get to the docks
quote: "So I'm playing the mission as normal and when I finally clear all 3 of the initial waves the choice comes up to either save Shaundi or kill Killbane. Every time I choose to save Shaundi I get to the docks and nothing happens at all. The boss says "How bad is it?" or something along those lines and all the symbols on my GPS vanish. Am I missing something or is this a bug?"
my response: I expect that verifying the game cache files might have helped. If not, this could be a mission bug that affects a small number of people, like The Belgian Problem and Free Falling. It may be possible to work around with a mod.

Framerate sometimes drops to incredibly low levels, 1fps, when looking in a certain direction
quote: "What happens is I might drive around town for an hour or maybe only 20 mins. I get solid 40+ fps, theres no meter but its definately at least that, everywhere. Then I might run into a spot where I look down an empy road and my frame rate drops to 1 per second instantly. I look away to a huge scene with dozens of cars, many many people and a huge city scene and frame rate is instantly back to 40+. Look down the empty road and 1 fps again."
my response: I've actually had this sort of thing happen to me in World of Warcraft, sometimes, back in the day. There was practically no information about this online. The best i could tell was that it was either a bug very specific to my video card, an extremely rare driver bug, or an even more extremely rare DirectX bug related to... z-buffering or something.
solution: Updating video drivers, and all other drivers, might help. Might have to get a new video card.

Audio noise when video recording mode is on
quote: "When I turn recording on in DX10 mode, I get lots of noise on my sound. If I disable Recording it turns back normal."


Generally Awesome
Some kind of generic crashing related to using D3DOverrider
quote: "Alright, I figured the problem with crashing DX11. It was Rivatuners D3DOverrider. I turned that off and it started running well now without issues. Must say the game in DX11 atleast runs better than in DX9 and slightly looks better too." -- Vayne4800

I can't move after flying far out over the ocean and reloading my game
quote: "I couldn't exit the plane or anything, so I exited the game and restarted. I reloaded that save file and appeared in my crib. After accessing my crib, it switches back to the "unable to move" state, and the camera angle is stuck in a wierd 3rd person view. Almost in the floor."
solution: Restarting the game fixed this.

Birk human shield cutscene bug
explanation: In one mission, you must decide to keep or return Josh Birk. This user's cutscene was buggy.
quote: "I don't know why/how this happened, but as soon as I played through the mission leading up to either Birk becoming a homie or being given to the STAG commander, the cinematic happens and my character tries to grab Birk, drops a KA-1 Kobra, falls, and then dual-weilds .45 shepherds and is unable to move."
solution: "found a workaround, apperently you need to have no followers when the cinematic starts."

Random death
quote: "Sometimes when entering a car, I just die getting in. Sometimes when I'm running or sprinting, I will just fall and then die like I tripped over my own foot or something. Sometimes when exiting a car I will just die. Sometimes when exiting an air vehicle I will just die. Sometimes while sky diving I will just die. Also: Sometimes hud elements get left on the screen when they arent supposed to be there."
my response: Hilarious. I have no idea. Verify game cache files! It is the panacæa.

Framerate takes a dive when moving the mouse
quote: "My Fps drops down when i moving the mouse ingame (15 fps and lower). Most when i drive with car." -- Dubstep44
my response: Could be some bad mouse drivers, or drivers interacting badly. Never seen anything like it before. I'd like to do a performance trace on his system.
Really odd rendering issues. White doors, characters with limbs sticking out at odd angles, etc.
solution: The poster got it working by underclocking (or un-overclocking?) the memory on his video card.

"An internal error caused video saving to fail" when trying to save a video with the video recording feature

A variety of other problems i want to remember later

Co-op parner can't rack up any money in Insurance Fraud

Mixmaster vehicle decals are missing unless another one is closeby

Wheelie/jump distance stat doesn't update

Gang members sometimes don't seem to appear in your owned territories, but they might just be rare at times

The game crashes every time AFTER the first launch

Fart In A Jar keeps downgrading to flashbang

All the cars are silver and shadows on you body are messed up
solution: "Change your screen resolution in game to something lower (this will fix it immediately), then change it back again to the one you want." -- RedRage

The game pauses while loading maps, at any time. Audio freezes or plays out of sync, at any time. I think he also had missing map pieces and falling through the world.
explanation: WorkingGames had default windows drivers for his southbridge, and updating those fixed it right up.
solution: One person just needed to install their chipset drivers. A second person said it didn't help him, but i don't know whether his situation was the same.

In mission 18, while protecting the hos in the helicopter, my helicopter crashes into theirs and fails the mission

The "Gang Bang" mission causes a crash

Incredibly low framerate unless the cpu is in use by another process
explanation: One person reports that their game runs very slowly unless another process is in the background using some of the CPU. I wonder whether this has anything to do with power management options.
The game pauses while loading maps, at any time. Audio freezes or plays out of sync, at any time. I think he also had missing map pieces and falling through the world.

I have this issue, maps and audio freeze, especially on one of the Genki Bowl misisons. Scared to update my bios as to not screw it up.
Game runs really well overall, but sometimes sound cuts off then it freezes for some 20 seconds, similar thing happens when the map doesn't load. Really strange issue.
EDIT: Disk usage seems to go to 100% when this happens, maybe that's the problem. Strange it's not used AT ALL but then just goes to 100%. Checkdisk shows no errors. Files transfer fine from hdd to my phone.
EDIT2: I noticed my videocard running on high usage, which is supposedly normal, temperatures seem fine. Moved the game to an SSD will test if it runs well.

It still ended up freezing up on the SSD, although it did so far less frequently (not at all) on the Genki mission.
I disabled anti-aliasing, which seems to usually create more freezing when enabled.
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