Homies & NPCs troubles with spawning enemy gangs

Hello folks. Maybe someone knows what file is stopping enemy gangs from spawning in the game?
I've just changed the npc's spawn_info_rank, behavior and team in the character.xbtl to an gang grunts from different gangs, and they just stopped spawning. or was spawning rarely. what's funny is that only prostitutes and bums left in the world (maybe because they have some idle actions in the world, idk. Also strip clubs was full of enemy strippers, but streets was empty)

And yeah, i know about spawning enemy gangs function in sandbox+, but i need something little different.

When i'm changing their teams to a "neutral gang", they are spawning tho. But i need them to be from different teams and fight each other. So how could i make it work?

And also is there any way to make npc's able to pick up special-case weapons when the other one drops it? They have no problems using it if there's a "special-case" line in the normal weapon definition (like laser pistol, gang-smg or something like that), but they're just cannot pick it up from the ground