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SPOILERS Theory About Agents of Mayhem

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 3bertrand1993, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. During the cop ending of Gat out of Hell we see Kinzie and Matt interrogating a character named "Brimstone" who's face is completely obscured, now this is important because the leader of the Mayhem organization in AOM is referred to as Brimstone and appears to be the
    French Female Boss from SR4.

    Another important thing to take note is that both Mayhem and Legion appear to be using a mix of STAG, Zin, and Syndicate technology. So here's my theory for the new timeline.

    SR1 happens as normal but at the end of SR2 the Boss decides to blackmail Vogel with the info about the nanite experiments, Masako and The Pyramid instead of straight-up killing him.

    This in turn causes a much more uneasy relationship between the Saints and Ultor than what we see in SR3. Fast forward to SR3, the Saints and Ultor still merge, but in order to avoid controversy Ultor merges the remnants of the Masako Units with the Saints and rebrand them as Mayhem.

    STAG and the Syndicate still exist but this time the Syndiacte are even more powerful than they were in SR3, Matt joins the Saints\Mayhem alongside Kinzie, Gat isn't captured\killed and is now the second-in-command of Mayhem, Kilbane and his Luchadors launch a series terrorist attacks throughout Stilwater, and STAG is given even more funding to combat the other groups.

    However at the end of SR3 STAG is still disbanded and the Syndicate have been crippled. During the events of what was supposed to be SR4 the Zin have went from a mighty empire to an extinct species, however somehow an Old Zin aircraft containing a massive amount of alien tech and information crash lands on earth.

    Coincidentally a bunch of ex-Syndicate and STAG grunts discover this tech, form the terrorist group known as Legion and decide to launch a violent coup, taking over most of the world through assassinations, terrorist attacks, back-ally deals and rigged elections. Thus begins AOM. Finally at the end of AOM something happens with Mayhem that causes Brimstone to be arrested by an unknown group which finally leads into the cop ending for GOOH.
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  2. This seems legit but if brimestone is the leader of mayhem (which she is) and they are the "good guys", and your saying the events of sainst row 1 and (most of) sainst row 2 did happen normaly, then why did Johnny gat and kinzie and also matt interoagate brimstone. did the cast of saints row get swappped around due to the retcon?
  3. It's likely that Mayhem would either be disbanded or labeled a terrorist group. Which would result in Matt, Kinzie and Gat joining another organization (for example the SR equivalent of the UN, NATO or Interpol) and capturing the Boss\Brimstone in what would presumably be a "Batman Gambit" to resurrect the Saints.
  4. If brimstone gets arrested then it means she's committed a crime so maybe a huge spoiler that she's secretly bad at the end of AoM. So presumably Mayhem turn against her.

    Ps volition staff I'm sorry if I just spoiled the game:oops:
  5. Or that the agents of mayhem are anti-heroes (like it's been hinted at) and the police or whatever jump to the conclusion they're enemies (like every superhero movie ever.)
  6. i suppose, i never thought of that
  7. You forgot something important. In SR4 at the end the boss asks Ninjai if these were all them and ninjai says zinyak went to earth many times and took his most favorite people. Ninjai also mentions to the boss after you kill zinyak that they have the technology to travel through time. I believe you the boss sent the agents of mayhem back in time before the zinyak invasion and warned them us about the attack. (How far back you may ask? I think before Saints row 1) and pierce in this timelime is you from sr 1 & 2 which explains why he is the leader of the Vice Kings. Ultors merge did happen with the saints but it was Pierce who made it happen & because pierce is not a saddistic psychopathic killer like the boss is the reason why the company is still called Ultor & not Saints because pierce is a more rationalized person. I believe this is due to time travel and the theory of messing up events with different actions in the past. This would explain to me why kinzie, matt & gat are interrogating brimmstone because the timeline is changed and these are alternate versions of their characters because the events of sr4 never happened which means zinyak did not come back years prior and kidnap johnny gat from lorens plane . The boss gave the zinyak & stag technology to Jane Austin aka Brimmstone before he sent the agents of mayhem back to give them the edge.
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